How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock
How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock | Complete Guide

Are you looking to learn How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock? To unlock the door, simultaneously press the button on the Schlage and the number 1. The door will then sound three times and flashes coming from on the Schlage button. Once it’s over, you can apply the latest code. Be on the lookout for the sound and flashing button to stop. Enter the new code once more.

If you want to change the Schlage door lock’s security code but need help, here’s what you must do. If you follow these instructions precisely, this course should take less than five minutes.

What You Need

How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock
How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock

Schlage lock change code could be difficult when you need the right tools. Be sure to have all the tools needed to complete the course before getting to work. The things you need aren’t concealed and are easily found. There’s a chance they’ve already gotten into your house. If not, head to the local shop.

  • Pen – Make sure you write down notes on your brand-new code.
  • NotebookA notebook is a good idea for keeping track of the new code. This notebook could be a helpful tool if you’ve ever lost your combination with your Schlage locks. A casebound notebook can be an alternative.
  • Eyeglasses (optional) – If your eyesight isn’t the best, you shouldn’t require this. If you don’t own glasses, you can adhere to the guidelines.

Things You Should Know To Schlage Lock Change Code

  • To program your keypad, type in the 6-digit code found in the user’s manual and on the rear of the unit. This is required to handle four-digit User Codes and the vacation setting.
  • Make a brand fresh 4-digit User Code by entering the programming Code, pressing 1, and then pressing the newly created code again.
  • You must enter the Programming Code, then press 2. Type in the 4-digit User Code you would like to erase twice, then press deletion.

Follow These Method To Reset Schlage Lock Code

Method 1: Adding New User Codes

Step 1: 

Find the default 6-digit program code directly from the maker. You can find the Standard Programming Code on a sticker on the back of the user guide or the back of the assembly for your keys. It is important to note that the Programming Code does not function as a key that opens or closes the door. Instead, it’s solely used to add and remove User Codes.

  • If you’ve changed your Source Code before, the default settings will no longer be in effect. You could control your User Codes by using a particular program.
  • If you’ve forgotten the Personal Programming Code, you can restore it to factory settings through an initial reset. This can also restore the initial User Codes.
  • The two four-digit User Codes for the lock’s label are displayed on labels.

Step 2: 

Click the Schlage button after you have entered the 6-digit code. Once you have entered the correct code, an orange light and three beeps will flash on the button (or another indicator, based on your model). Wait to press the Schlage button until the process is completed.

Step 3: 

After pressing 1 and then waiting for the orange light to flash, and then three beeps to sound from the Schlage button.

Step 4: 

Change your 4-digit User Code here. Choose a code that’s easy to remember, or record it in a safe location if you forget. The first four numbers in the Programming Code cannot be used to generate the code. After entering four digits and pressing, the Schlage button will flash orange and make three sounds.

  • It is possible to set the PIN to up to eight numbers on specific devices.

Step 5: 

Re-enter your User Code to confirm. A long beep is followed by one blink of green from the button or light. Before locking your door, make sure the code you have entered is working by checking the lock.

Step 6:

To add additional User Codes, you can repeat the above mentioned steps. Depending on the system you use, you can save up to 30 User Codes that visitors can use. All codes you save should be recorded or written to facilitate management and deletion.

Method 2: Deleting Individual User Codes

Step 1:

Click the Schlage button, and then enter the 6-digit code for programming. The lock will beep three times, and you will see the Schlage switch or the light turn orange. It is recommended to wait until the flashing and the beeping stop before pressing the Schlage button.

  • The front in the book or on the back of the keypad will give you the needed Programming Code.

Step 2:

After you’ve pressed the button two times, you’ll notice an orange Schlage blink three times. The lock will also emit a chirp of three tones.

Step 3:

To deactivate a four-digit User Code, you must enter it in this area. The lock will chime three times, and you can press the Schlage lever, or the lamp will flash orange.

Step 4:

To confirm the deletion and the use of the identical User Code, enter it again. It will sound a long beep followed by a green light on the button. Make sure that the code you deleted is not working by checking the code.

  • Enter into the Programming Code and try the deletion again to check if it works.

Method 3: Enabling Vacation Mode

Step 1:

  • Input the 6-digit code that is used to program. The code will sound three times. Sound and an orange flash from the button.

Step 2:

  • Vacation Mode can be turned on when you press 4. The indicator will change to green, and a long sound will be heard through the security lock. The lock is currently on Vacation Mode, which disables the User Codes until you return home and manually allows them to be enabled again.

Step 3:

  • After returning, you must enter the code to activate the user’s codes. When you hit the Schlage button, it will change to green and sound an extended beep. It will trigger a reactivation of all User Codes.

Method 4: Restoring Default Codes with a Factory Reset

Step 1:

  • The battery is removed, and the Schlage button is pressed and released. Based on style, the battery can be placed inside or outside the lock. You can access the battery by removing one or both covers.

Step 2:

  • Within 10 seconds you can reconnect the battery after 10 seconds. In the next second, the button will be lit green.

Step 3:

You can reset the lock back to its initial settings by pressing the Schlage button. It may take a few minutes. However, the lock will sound after you remove the Schlage button. The lock will then sound after the reset is completed.

  • When assembling the lock, check that it’s still functioning by attempting an option from the factory that is set to four-digit User Codes (found in the keypad or inside the user manual).
  • Adding additional User Codes (or creating your own unique Programming Code) is now possible using the predefined Programming Code.
  • The lock must be removed from the door, and then checking the stamp inside can help you identify your default Programming Code.

Guidelines For Securing Your House With A New Schlage Smart lock code

1- Change your code regularly

If you have a schlage smart lock, change the code at least once yearly. Changing the code once a year is an excellent idea if you wish to ensure that only authorized persons can enter your house. You should also alter the default factory code for your deadbolt.

2- Use strong codes instead of your birthday or address

The creation of a guest code is a highly secure measure. The capability to create temporary guest codes that can be removed with no trace is an essential advantage of guest codes. The entry of guests into your property and the length of time they are permitted to stay in your home can be tracked using access codes.

3- Keep your essential entrance codes to yourself

Using the primary password for your new 4-digit user number is not recommended. Sharing your main access number with anyone outside could put your home at risk of being burglarized or a crime. Never share your password with anyone. Utilizing the mobile app, innovative deadbolt code management will be easy.

4- When they are no longer required, remove guest codes.

When a guest’s code is no longer needed, it must be deleted from the keyboard. This means that the code will never be used again.

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Final Thoughts

In this article we tell, How To Change The Code On A Schlage Lock? This schlage change code is a brilliant and easy way to ensure the security of your home.

Changing the 4-digit code on your keypad Schlage Lock regularly is among the most crucial actions you can take to protect your home.

An intruder could be able to access your home with ease if they have access to your code. Making a change schlage lock code every year and changing to a guest code whenever possible are two excellent ways to prevent this problem.

This advice can assist with making the house less attractive to burglars and other burglars.

Thanks for reading!


How do I change the 4-digit code on my Schlage Lock?

  1. Enter the code of six digits that appear on your screen. The keypad will ask you for the 6-digit code you must enter.
  2. To unlock the door, click the Schlage button, then press the 1.
  3. Replace the code that was in place with the new code.
  4. Verify your 4-digit number, then.

How to change code on schlage lock?

  1. Find sources for the change schlage lock code.
  2. You can upload the source code of your application here.
  3. To begin, press simultaneously the Schlage button as well as the 1.
  4. Input your new password here.
  5. Repeat your four-digit verification code below.

How can I change my Schlage keypad’s four-digit code without using programming code?

  1. Inside the battery, disconnect it.
  2. From the outside, from the outside, from the outside, press the Schlage button at a time.
  3. In less than 10 seconds, it is time to connect the battery within 10 seconds.
  4. To turn on Schlage to activate Schlage, push and hold it until the switch turns green.

How to change schlage lock code without creating a code?

  1. Get the internal battery out and disconnect it.
  2. Pressing the button on the outside will unlock the door.
  3. Battery reconnecting in less than 10 seconds.
  4. When the Schlage button has turned red, push it and hold until it changes to green.

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