theoretical framework example
theoretical framework example

Theoretical Framework Example | Its Type, Complete Guide Written

Your theoretical framework elucidates pertinent hypotheses based on the literature review that you carried out. It also identifies the primary concepts that you have uncovered in your research, in addition to the potential connections that exist between them.

Your research is directed with the help of a strong theoretical framework. It allows you to demonstrate the applicability of the research topic you choose for your dissertation to your particular field and to analyze, explain, and build upon your findings in a persuasive manner.

Definition: Theoretical Framework Example

theoretical framework example
Theoretical Framework Example

A dissertation or thesis is written according to a plan or outline provided by the theoretical framework. It narrows the scope of research by concentrating on the connections between several significant elements. Another advantage of theoretical frameworks is that they provide researchers with a straightforward guide to follow when they collect and analyze data for a study.

What Is Theoretical Framework Example

The following is a description of a selection of popular theoretical frameworks:

  • Social Learning Theory: Based on this model, which was developed through the efforts of Albert Bandura, we can deduce that both internal and external factors can influence behavior and that individuals learn from both the environment in which they live and the actions of those around them.
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: According to Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the physical necessities come first, followed by the requirements for a sense of security, belonging, respect, and the desire to attain the maximum potential of oneself. This concept has been useful not just in the mental realm but also in the educational sphere.
  • Ecological Systems Theory: According to the ecological theories developed by Urie Bronfenbrenner, which describe the process of human evolution, the interactions a person has with the environment around them significantly impact their development. This comprises the family home, the place of education, and the neighborhood.
  • Feminist Theory: This theoretical framework investigates how gender and power play a significant part in forming culture’s political, social, and dynamic aspects. It emphasizes the significance of being conscious of oppressive structures and fighting against them.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Theory: This theoretical framework postulates that humans can control our behavior and emotional responses by adjusting to the ideas, thoughts, and attitudes underpinning them.
  • Attachment Theory: The implications of early attachment models for adult relationships are the focus of this theoretical framework’s research.
  • Critical Race Theory: Within this theoretical framework, we investigate how racial discrimination and other forms of oppression can mutually reinforce and support one another.

Types of Theoretical Framework

Conceptual Framework

In this kind of framework, the most significant ideas and how they relate are deeply broken out. When conducting an inquiry or working on a research project, it is beneficial to give the theoretical foundations.

Deductive Framework

Within the framework of this approach, the overarching theory or hypothesis serves as the basis for additional data analysis and subsequent refining. The field of quantitative research makes frequent use of this methodology.

Inductive Framework

This framework creates a theory or hypothesis based on the prevalent subjects and trends by using the data to determine the topics and trends. It is a method that is frequently employed in qualitative research.

Normative Framework

This context allows for identifying the values and norms that serve as a basis for decisions and behaviors. This is frequently utilized in the academic fields of ethics and sociology.

Explanatory Framework

The theoretical framework aims to shed light on the underlying factors that contribute to an observed phenomenon (or pattern) of behavior. Both in the field of psychology and in the field of sociology, it can be applied in a variety of different ways.

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Selecting the theoretical framework example in research that will serve as the foundation for your research is an essential initial stage in developing a research project. When you have settled on a framework, that framework will lead your research strategy, including the method you will use to acquire and analyze legal study material after collecting it.

In addition, during the chapters of your research that focus on analysis, you will frequently rely on the ideas and theories contained within the theoretical framework you have chosen to clarify your findings.

 Research in academic settings that uses theoretical frameworks emphasizes applying theory to the study of current events worldwide and gaining new insights into those events. When we ground our investigation in the theory of mind, we can engage in more in-depth contemplation of the topics at hand and generate more convincing arguments.


How do you write a theoretical framework?

  1. Define your aims for the study.
  2. Take note of the main determinants of interest.
  3. Use the most influential terms to search for and analyze the relevant literature.
  4. Take note of the hypotheses that use these variables or terms.

What are the 5 theoretical frameworks?

We were especially interested in Extension Theory, Bounded Rationality Theory, Diffusion Theory, the Theory of Reasoned Action, and Consumer Behaviour Theory.

What is considered a theoretical framework?

A research study’s theoretical framework is the backbone around which the study’s hypotheses can be built.¬†

What is an example of theoretical framework in research paper?

The issue statement, research questions, and literature review are all components of a theoretical framework. These foundational features direct research methods, data examination, and extrapolation of results.

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