SEO Types(Black Hat , White Hat , and Gray Hat SEO) 2020

What is SEO?

Seo(search engine optimization) helps the search engine to find out our exact need. Further Optimizing search engines Types (Black Hat SEO, White Hat, and Gray Hat SEO)are following.

Categories of SEO:

  • Black Hat SEO
  • White Hat SEO
  • Gray Hat SEO

As like in other aspects, Seo also has some good and some bad things.

What Google Considers Good?

Google considers good to those things by following which you optimize your websites,

In other words, you follow Google’s guidelines to optimize your websites considered as good things, that are normally called as White Hat Search engine optimization.

White Hat Seo:

White Hat Optimizing search engine is basically all those activities, which Google allows you to adopt them or you can perform these activities, Like:

  • Optimization of your websites
  • Link building

But there are also few things (factors) that Google doesn’t allow, which are known as Black Hat Seo.

Black Hat Seo:

Black Hat Seo are those activities, which Google and other search engines disallow you. Which means you can not perform such activities. There is also another Optimization of the search engine technique which is known as Grey Hat Seo.

Grey Hat Seo:

In Grey Hat Seo, by using the mixture of both white hat and black hat SEO you can do good Optimizing the search engine that is called Grey Hat Seo. Grey Hat Seo services and Optimizing the search engine techniques are those activities that actually have a mixture of white hat and black hat SEO. In Grey hat, Optimizing search function or services are provided, by using white hat techniques (which google allows us to do) and black hat techniques (from which google disallows us to do but people believe in).

For Example:

According to Google, Don’t force google to do but let google to perform ranking on its own, you try to:

  • Write your content good
  • Provide Value (when you provide value, people will give you links, although you get links, and ultimately you will rank higher).

But for getting links you need to create good content which is really a time taking process instead of doing this some people use different shortcuts (like they apply links after buying them from somewhere, and they also follow Google’s instructions, this technique is basically known as Grey Hat technique).

This means you don’t completely fall in the black hat or white hat but you have to differentiate what kind of activities you are doing. We should need to understand all white hat techniques because white hat techniques are long term techniques. Google will actually like these long term techniques. Black hat techniques are not long term techniques. These techniques considered as short-term techniques.

How can I know white hat Seo is different from Black Hat Seo?

White Hat Search engine optimization is basically what Google says you to do.

For Example:

Google says you to:

  • Make the website good.
  • Speed optimize your website (when someone opens a website on mobile or desktop it should load within mili seconds. )What is SEO,White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO,Gray Hat SEO,Small SEO Tools

it’s a good thing because Google wants to value the users, As google wants to value the users, it also demands from us to value the users.

We count all these activities in the White Hat Optimization of a search engine.

White Hat and Black Hat Seo both works in parallel. Few people believe more in black hat SEO because they try to use different tricks, shortcuts, small alternative paths, jumps, and other fraudulent activities, They will do Optimization of a search engine. Ultimately as soon as rapidly they reach the top, the sooner they fall downward.

White Hat optimization is those works that google and other search engines try to follow because these are not human.

Search engines are machines or programs (algorithms) that made and follow things according to specific formulas.

Is it possible to cheat google?

Some people think they can cheat google and rank on number 1. So they try to break that code and Google’s programs. Actually, they try to scam with Google, to frequently rank on first because as they rank high they will get traffic and can improve their sales or generate leads.

Google basically has only one primary business that is ‘Search’. Google has its own large experts team who:

  • Understand all
  • Run these programs
  • Optimize these programs
  • Try to improve it day by day
  • As well as, add new features to it.

As Google adds new features, people also try to break them. It’s actually like a continuous race between good and evils. But it’s not possible to crack Google algorithms.

What makes (Google) Google??

Many people believe if they do Black Hat instead of White Hat they can do more better work. Sometimes it is possible because Google works according to the algorithm and has its own set parameters. Few of them become master and able to break its algorithms and try to bring ranking on it. By using it, websites get rank but it’s really a dangerous act because as google knows about these acts that different people are applying the same specific technique to rank their website. Therefore, the actual deserving people or the good websites that should have been rank but they are now no longer able to rank their websites. So Google will not allow anyone to play with his algorithms because if its algorithms cracks, it will not able to sell his algorithms as a company. That is the only thing which makes google as Google

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