hikvision default password
hikvision default password

Hikvision default password – How to Change it in Differnet Methods 

There’s no longer an initial password that is factory-default for Hikvision cameras, DVRs, or NVRs. When you switch on the Hikvision cameras or recording devices, you’ll be asked to make a secure password.

It is a safer and most recommended method as it stops hacker attempts. It means there’s no longer any “default” password for newer Hikvision NVRs/DVRs/IP cameras.

In the past, however (within the last couple of months), Hikvision devices used the hikvision default password to access their administrator account. It was “admin” and “12345.”

Additionally, many rebranded Hikvision OEM resellers used their passwords. Below is a list of the most frequently used passwords and usernames used by default for Hikvision cameras in the following table. Find out if they’re compatible with your Hikvision cameras, IP DVR, or NVR by trying them out.

Hikvision Default Password

It is possible to test these default password Hikvision and usernames for your DVR, NVR or default ip hikvision camera:

  • Username: admin Password: 12345
  • Username: admin Password: 123456
  • Username: admin Password: admin

These Hikvision default passwords are utilized with products that are sold under these brand names: 3xLogic, Alibi (Supercircuits), Annke, Arcdyn, Ezviz, Hitachi, Interlogix (UTC), LaView, LTS, Nelly’s Security, SecurityTronix, Sentry CCTV, Technomate, Toshiba, Trendnet, Vantage Security, Vezco CCTV, Videoteknika, and Winic.

Note your hikvision default ip used by cameras is The SADP software can be utilized to locate and modify the IP address. Have you forgotten the password for your Hikvision camera’s username and password? Let your reseller or dealer reset it on your behalf. You can also attempt the reset yourself by following the steps below.

Why Hikvision doesn’t use a default password

Hikvision doesn’t use a default password anymore because hackers can use this information to log in to devices publicly available on the Internet.Many users didn’t use to change the default password during the first setup, making the camera vulnerable to attack. This problem was reported years ago, and Hikvision started forcing the user to create a strong password.

How to change the hikvision default password on Hikvision devices

When working with a ip default camera hikvision, DVR, or NVR, you can change the password in one of three ways. You can use a web browser, the recorder’s built-in controls, or the iVMS-4200 programme to accomplish this. Detailed screenshot examples of each of these approaches may be found below. 

Method 1: Change the password via the web browser

Step 1: open a web browser and enter the hikvision default ip address of your camera or recorder into the address bar. A valid account and hikvision default password are required. Try out Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Scan your network with the SADP application if you don’t know your hikvision default ip address.

hikvision default password
hikvision default password

Step 2: Go to Configuration > User Management in the settings menu. To make changes to your admin account, click the edit profile icon and then select the admin user name.

hikvision default password
hikvision default password

Step 3: in the red box, enter the new password for the device and re-type it for confirmation before erasing the old one.Use a complex password and don’t let yourself forget it. Resetting the password on a Hikvision gadget is a tedious process.

hikvision default password
hikvision default password


Step 4: select OK. A confirmation that “The password is changed successfully” appears is displayed.

hikvision default password
hikvision default password

Method 2: Utilizing the iVMS-4200 for modifying the security settings for Hikvision equipment

To implement this method, it is necessary to download the monitoring software iVMS-4200 from Hikvision and configure it precisely.

The process for changing passwords in iVMS-4200 goes in the following manner:

  1. Choose the device you want to use from the list by going to Control Panel, Device Management, and finally, the encoded machine.
  2. Input the device’s nickname and the user’s name and password if asked to enter it by the software for clients.
  3. Click on Remote Configuration when you have added the device.
  4. To change the administrator’s password, click Modify Now.
  5. The previously used password must be deleted before the new one can be used.
  6. Retype the text to verify it.
  7. For the final step, click Save in the File menu.

Reasons to Avoid Using hikvision default password or username

Pre-set passwords are not recommended as they pose a higher chance of unauthorized access. The default login credentials shouldn’t be used as they pose a risk.

  • It’s commonplace to make use of the same password across several websites. The password of an account can be used for various other services.
  • Because most people wait to change their passwords regularly, hackers will have more difficulty gaining access. Passwords that are default are often found in user manuals and are easily accessible to all. Hacker groups often discuss them, too.
  • People are prone to reuse their passwords repeatedly. If a non-authorized third party gets your password, you will have an access right to the account.
  • The password-cracking program has improved its accuracy over the past couple of years. With the speed of technology development, the most secure passwords will easily be breached in the next few years.
  • Social engineering is an approach that can be employed to access someone else’s passwords. Email fraud, phishing emails, and fake websites are a few ways criminals attempt to gain fingers-on confidential information. In addition, a surprising number of people accept the scammers’ requests promptly.
  • Much more frequently than the typical person is aware, password databases are hacked. Hacker attacks often go unnoticed or are discovered after a substantial period. Hackers can now steal private information with impunity since passwords are not being closely monitored.
  • Leaks of passwords may expose sensitive data and put services’ security in danger. The service provider doesn’t inform users that someone else could be using the services using their password. 
  • The worst part is that the service provider needs to be made aware of it, which means there is a possibility for anyone who is not authorized to access companies’ sensitive data.


If a device is initially established or rebooted, it comes with an initial login and username. If you’d like to modify the hikvision default password, you can. Hikvision gives three choices for making this change: via any web-based browser, the NVR/DVR’s local interface, or the IVMS-4200. These new models, however, don’t come with passwords installed; instead, you have to make your password.


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