How To Change iPhone Name

How To Change iPhone Name: Complete Step-By-Step Guide

The iPhones sold by Apple provide a wide variety of opportunities for personalization. You can modify the name of the device, its font, the number of screen locks, the available wallpapers, and even the pictures that appear on the lock screen.

That is correct; it is true. Changing the name of your iPhone, which by default is set to Half-Eaten Apple, to your name or enter another name is a simple process. Using this how-to video, you will discover how to give your iPhone a name in only five easy steps.

Why You Should Change iPhone Name

If the device is owned by an iPhone owner, using your real name as the iPhone name is acceptable and encouraged. Changing one’s name is only sometimes a good idea, although there are some circumstances in which it is recommended.

To safeguard your identity; to ensure your privacy; to ensure your privacy when using AirDrop; to ensure your privacy when using a public Wi-Fi network; or for some other purpose.

Another scenario in which this could be useful is when you attempt to trace many iPhones with the same name. There is an almost infinite number of possible variations on this theme. These are the circumstances in which you should consider changing the name associated with your iPhone.

This post details the procedures that must be followed to achieve the desired result. The procedure can be finished in a matter of seconds with relatively little effort involved. We won’t waste any time and will get down to business.

How To Change iPhone Name Or Any Apple Device Name

If you want to give your phone a unique appearance or set it apart, you can count on us to help you accomplish any of those goals.

You can rename iphone by following these steps:

1. Go To Settings.

How To Change iPhone Name

2. Tap On General.

How To Change iPhone Name

3. Click About.

How To Change iPhone Name

4. Select Name.

How To Change iPhone Name

Change the Name. Delete the existing name and replace it with the one you desire. Once you’re finished, press Back to save your modifications.

To view the new name that has been given to your phone, you will need to repeat the steps from above. You may also utilize the capability of the Hotspot or the airdrop to check how the name is displayed when connecting with other electronic devices.

Why You Should change Name Of iPhone

You risk identity theft while using AirDrop because your real name is a component of your iPhone’s default username. Users will see your name when they try to send you files using AirDrop when you’re using an iPad or iPhone, and AirDrop is still enabled.

The iCloud storage service and the Personal Hotspot feature use the same device’s brand name and enable you to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Your true identity can be made public if you allow people to use your mobile data via the Wi-Fi hotspot.

Rename iphone device is an excellent way to hide your identification online. You can give each of your home’s Apple devices a unique name if you have many. If you have two iPhones—one for work and the other for personal use after work. Each gadget can be recognized by the Find My app if you give it a unique name. They will be easy to differentiate for the Find My app.

This is helpful when using Find My iPhone to look for a misplaced iPhone. Find My iPhone functionality. It’s better to refer to the gadget as “STM’s Work iPhone” rather than “iPhone (2).”

A list of every device connected to the iCloud account can be accessed with the Apple ID. When your Apple gadget has a distinctive name, you may quickly break the link to your account if you want to sell or give it as a gift. If you want to know How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access, How To Tell If Someone Removed You From Instagram, and How To Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook Without Logging In, keep in touch with this site.

Assigning your devices unique names is a bright idea because the Apple Watch syncs with your iPhone and iPhone. When attempting to sell both products, you can quickly determine which iPhone your Apple Watch is connected to by comparing the iPhone’s name.


You can give your iPhone any name you’d like. So why try something different with it? You can put yourself in the shoes of the owner of Money Splurged to see whether you can do it for yourself. Black Panther calls and Airdrops using an iPhone are two available options. You can easily modify your username by adhering to the processes outlined above if you later decide that the name you chose is not your liking. Have fun making everything look exactly how you want it to.


What is the process for renaming my iPhone device?

The steps to change the name associated with your Apple ID: To change your name, go to Settings, General, About, and Name. Once you’re there, press the Edit button.

How to change my iphone name?

The name you assign to your iPhone will be the one that iCloud, AirDrop, your Hotspot, and your personal computer will all refer to. To change your username, go to Settings > General > About > Name, and then select Edit after you’ve made your selection.

How to rename iPhone?

It is possible to use the name of the iPhone in iCloud, AirDrop, the Personal Hotspot, and any other device connected to the iPhone. You may edit the name of your iPhone by going to Settings > General > About > Name and then selecting Edit from the menu that appears.

Can I change Apple device name?

Yes, you can easily rename apple device.

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