How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

You can cancel your account anytime if you discover no need for the report. You can erase the account if you don’t need your previous Twitter account. It’s essential to stop your followers from being confused between your budget and what you’ve wiped out, and that’s why it’s often necessary to remove the deceased account. It is crucial to stop your followers from getting disorientated.

There is the option of changing your password or manually deleting your account. Also, you can ask Twitter to remove the tweet for you on behalf of yourself. You can send a request to Twitter’s Twitter support team via a different Twitter account. It is all that you require to request that your former Twitter account be deleted if that is what you want to do.

Why Need to Delete an Old Twitter Account?

How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

There are many circumstances where you may have yet to require it now.

  • It’s been a while since you registered a new account on Twitter.
  • Your account must be deleted as it contains personal information that isn’t actively used.
  • Unfortunately, Twitter is unable to unlock the account.
  • Unfortunately, the individual who started the account is no longer with us.

How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

Method 1:how to delete twitter account without password

Follow these steps to erase your previous account when you are done with creating a brand new account following the steps below.

  1. The first step to accomplish this is to log on to Twitter via your device, from which you’ll then be prompted to input your login information.
  2. Selecting the More option from the menu on the screen is an alternative.
  3. As the last step in this process, you’ll have to select the choices regarding privacy settings and settings in the menu on the screen.
  4. Once you have opened the Accounts menu, Select the option to deactivate your account in the menu of options available.
  5. Once you’ve reviewed all the data concerning the deactivation, select the appropriate button labeled “Deactivate.”
  6. Once you’ve completed entering your password, it’s time to log in. You’ve also verified that you can completely deactivate your account now. Time.

How To Delete An Old Twitter Account You Cannot Access

METHOD 2: You have no access to your phone number or email

Another method for how to delete old twitter account  requires that you can only contact people via email or phone.

The next step is to follow the steps required to enable you to unsubscribe from your Twitter subscription, regardless of whether you’ve misplaced your email address or phone number that was linked to your account. For starters, here’s the information you need to know:

  1. Check out the most frequently posted questions from Twitter.
  2. The button that says “I don’t have access to the email address or mobile phone number associated with my account” must be checked before opening the account.
  3. Choose the type of account you wish to remove by selecting the menu dropdown (individual or corporate).
  4. Suppose the person responsible for the account cannot be identified or can’t access Twitter independently. In that case, you must select an option that states the person who owns the account is deceased or unable to use the performance. Twitter will likely request further proof, for example, the death certificate or some other document that proves that you are authorized to handle the estate of a person who passed away.
  5. Input the Twitter handle for the account you wish to disable and the email address linked to the report.
  6. Then submit the necessary form for the deletion of information.
  7. If you cannot do so, please provide a complete and precise description of why you cannot connect to your email or phone account via Twitter and why you decided to quit the website. If you prefer not to take this action, it is your choice to leave it out.
  8. When you press”Submit,” the “Submit” button marks the end of the process to remove it.
  9. Twitter has the right to demand a photograph of your identity when it believes that it requires additional details about who you are. You can email Twitter’s help desk requesting they implement this function. When you have some days from receiving this other data and proof of your authority to deactivate it from your account, Twitter will provide the following steps to be implemented to fulfill your request. The ability will be given to delete your account entirely.

Will Twitter ever delete Inactive accounts?

Twitter highly recommends users login to their accounts frequently to prevent losing their accounts due to the absence of activity. Accounts that have not been logged for more than an entire year are removed without prior warning.

In light of this, it is highly recommended that you monitor the status of your Twitter account at a regular interval of at least every six months to ensure that your account is not deleted. Twitter can locate active accounts since it understands the information you use to log in. Your account can be saved from being entirely deleted by logging in frequently. Please keep in touch with our site if you need to know How To Turn Off Two-Factor Authentication on Facebook Without Logging In, How To Tell If Someone Removed You On Instagram and How To See Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat.

The Final Words

This guide provides comprehensive directions on erasing your old Twitter account. This guideline is applicable regardless of whether you’ve access to the email address or telephone number connected to the report, but it is not the case. If you adhere to these steps, you can remove the account that has been annoying you and stop the tension.

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