How To See Someone’s Birthday On Snapchat

So, you forgot your friend’s birthday again and came here to look for How to see someone’s birthday on snapchat? Don’t worry we got you covered this time. 


The techniques in the article will allow you to learn the best way to determine who’s birthday is via Snapchat without them knowing or getting notified


How to see birthdays on snapchat in 6 steps


Here is how to find someones birthday on Snapchat without them knowing:

1. Go to snapchat app

2. Visit the “chat tab” 

how to see someone's birthday on snapchat

3. Open any “chat” here (Do not click on the Bitmoji as this will lead you to the profile of that friend)

how to see someone's birthday on snapchat

4. In the chat click on the small “rocket icon”. You can see it in the bottom right corner

how to see someone's birthday on snapchat

5. Press on birthdays” 

how to see someone's birthday on snapchat

6. Here you will see your friends upcoming birthdays

how to see someone's birthday on snapchat

How to check friends birthday on snapchat

To see your friends birthday on snapchat all you need to do is: > Open any chat > Click on the rocket icon > Press on birthdays > You will see your friends upcoming birthdays And That is it. Know you will be able to wish your friend a happy birthday and give them gifts on time. 

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Wishing someone on their birthdays is really important for you as their friend or family. but somehow we forgot the birthdates of our Friends/Family. That’s where snapchats come in. Just like other social media apps snapchat also stores the birthday information of their users. We hope that this article was helpful for you in finding the birthdays of your loved ones. If you have any information about how to check birthdays on snapchat, then do let us know in the comments below.

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