Introduction to freelancing-Beginner’s guide to work & earn from home in 2020

What is freelancing?

Freelancing means to function as an independent company as opposed to being utilized by somebody else. Freelancers are self-explanatory and frequently known as independent contractors.

Freelancers are hired by other businesses on a part short-term or time foundation, but they don’t get the identical reimbursement as full-time workers or possess the identical amount of devotion to any specific firm.

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With the growth of this gig economy, folks are discussing freelancing over ever before. And that is because there are far more salespeople now than there have ever been in history — that a 2019 research from Upwork and Freelancers Union demonstrates that 57 million Americans freelanced in 2019.

And according to the identical study, 53 percent of employees aged 18-22 are now outsourcing.

Key Benefits of freelancing :

  • You become a digital Boss: (You will Short-term Boss, No permanent employee. You can do work based on your eligibility and availability. Anyone can hire you any time from anywhere. You are not a permanent employee like an office boss and have to work for fixed timing.)­
  • You can work from anywhere: (If you have a laptop and internet device, you can do freelancing in the world with no geographical location limit. For example, you can receive any order of your client while traveling and submit his work meanwhile.)
  • Financial independence: (more time = more money) You can earn as much you want.
  • No working hours limit: How many hours you want and can work. Your earning will base on your working time and availability to the user. The capacity of money depends on your working time limit. It’s not like a job, If you don’t want to work any day then they will not out you from their platform. (In short no.1 thing no working limit applicable you can work any time till the deadline.)
  • You have no employer and you are independent: No Office formalities free working environment. But In large contracts, you only have to spend a few hours with them as clients demands. For example, I am a graphic designer who can make any design, I can create my profile or can update a portfolio as a retailer. Anyone can see my profile or skill and from anywhere a user as a client orders me to make his design. I can create different banners of my skills which usually known as gigs of my skills. It’s similar to creating a store and offer your services. You are independent, you can sell your skills and service according to you. Users can ask questions about his work within the given limit.
  • A degree does not matter, only skills and experience do: If you belong to any field then it doesn’t matter. Acquire a skill or a  set of skills and start freelancing.

Why freelancing??? Top five reason:

  1. You are free to work anywhere. Freedom to work freely.
  2. Your time is your own.
  3. Be your own Boss.
  4. The more effort you put, the more you’ll earn.
  5. You choose the clients or projects.

How to start freelancing?

Here are the 10 Steps to Start a Freelance Business which are following

  1. Establish Your Goals
  2. Locate a Profitable Niche
  3. Identify Your Goal Clients
  4. Establish Strategic Costs for Your Services
  5. Construct a High-Quality Portfolio Website
  6. Produce Cases of What You Could Deliver (on Your Portfolio Website )
  7. Thoughtfully Pick Your Initial Clients
  8. Invite Possible Clients On Your Content
  9. Learn The Way To Motivate Yourself
  10. Do Not Mix Your Day Job Priorities with Freelance Business

Best Freelancing Sites:

You can get  multiple freelancing jobs here according to your skills

These are the top freelancing sites of decay.

Types of freelance projects:

  1. Fixed priced projects
  2. Hourly projects

Pros and cons of freelancing:


  • Own boss
  • No time limit
  • More Effort more money
  • No work limit
  • More chances to earn


  • You have to wake up at night. Or you will have to do work at night because of other country timing.
  • If you become addicted and want to earn more and more money then you start ignoring your social life.
  • It’s difficult to explain to your parents that you are doing work on the system as they are thinking you are just playing games and doing something else. You will have to clarify them, how are you earning without going office. Freelancing Techniques 2020



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