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How Freelancing Platforms Help Beginners & Professionals in Earning?

Leading Skills in the freelancing world 2020

As a beginner Freelancer jobs can change your dreams, if you want to start your carrier as a freelancer in the freelancing world then you need to know about these freelancing platforms to generate maximum profit. You can enhance your earning with your skills and time management on these platforms without doing a job under a boss. If you are an energetic writer you can display excellent writing expertise as a content writer. for example, website content, blog content, article writing, trading content, SEO content, and many more. On these websites, you can not only provide your services as a writer but you can list your services as a:

  • Graphic Designer
  • SEO Expert
  • Video and Animation (Video editor & creation)
  • WordPress Developer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Game Development
  • Web Programming/ Website Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Customer Services
  • Resume Writing

The above-mentioned skills have subcategories as well. These skills help you in starting a successful source of earning online and independently but here the question is where to do freelancing? Where you can display your skills as a listing? how you can sell your services? so you do not need to worry about it. Seo Learners is the best platform to guide you where you have to start your working as a freelancer without investing money. We are providing free of cost guidance to start up your business or job online or you can choose this profession as a part time job.

What are Freelance Websites?

Freelance websites considered platforms for buyers and sellers. People can utilize their talent in terms of service. Below the list of freelance websites.

Freelancer jobs, freelancing platforms

Best freelancing platforms 2020

In the digital world, everybody is becoming his own boss. It empowers you to search for a large number of jobs. Many websites are facilitating people to sell their services and skills as a seller to earn money and buyers to get a highly demanding service. If you are a beginner it’s really easy for you to earn money online by finding a job related to your skills and:

“By listing your skills as services and allows users to order according to their need.”

No need to waste your time and skill in searching for a physical job. Here is a list of best freelance websites with a marketplace and helps you in finding the right clients. These websites provide you the best clients, best projects, communication channels, job types, and valuable earning with reliable payment methods.


The concept of Fiverr comes from the word five. Here you will buy and sell freelance services all over the world. What fiverr is the best platform for beginners to starting earning by creating an account freely. You just choose a suitable job according to your skill and create an attractive portfolio along with display your listing or skills as a gig. The price will expand as the requirement and need become enlarge.

  • Portfolio listing called gig in fiver.
  • You have to create a service
  • The minimum service starts with five dollars.
  • Communication with the customer is key
  • Time management and your availability give more chances to catch clients.
  • It’s really a secure platform because it provides full security to your personal information with secure transactions.
  • It helps you to boost your career.
  • Easy to get your first client.
  • At the start, projects will little
  • Fiverr bidding helps to earn project
  • Simple pricing strategy
  • Display your services in any way you want.
  • Client reviews are really important.
  • The seller has different levels.freelancer jobs, freelancer,

People per hour

It’s also a marketplace for freelancers after Fiverr where clients hire you on an hourly basis. Seller contact with the business and set up their network. It is like you are applying for a job in terms of the project.

  • You can create an account on it free of cost.
  • The profile needs approval.
  • You can apply for projects through a cover letter or proposal.
  • The payment system has different options than Fiverr (currency options).
  • Users can work with the team collaborations system.
  • Seller level called Cert in it.


It’s an old marketplace famous with the name of It is not totally free for sellers. They have to pay some charges for profile approval. It’s also considered the best platform among all for searching for projects and jobs globally.

  • Area distinct job posting
  • Unique Dashboard facilities
  • Hourly & fixed Payments
  • Long-term relationships based on hiring the same seller in the future.
  • Account management is really difficult


One of the most professional and demanding freelancing platform or freelance jobs. The largest job searching platform for professionals. Highly recommended place to sell services.

  • Profile approval is difficult.
  • Bid for the project.
  • You have to invest money in some projects.
  • Job and project can be long term, individual, and team-wise.
  • Earning is very high.
  • The payment is more secure.


  • You can create an account for free in it.
  • Includes proposal writing for achieving a project
  • It is more suitable for online IT employees in the freelance world.
  • You also bid for the project in it.
  • Chance to win cash prizes.
  • Wide range of jobs

So what is the process of doing freelancing & freelancer jobs?

  1. Learn a skill
  2. Utilize your skill (model your skills or create a layout of it)
  3. Lastly sell in on any freelance platform.

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