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Search Engine Optimization in digital marketing agency: 

Free Digital marketing course is vital nowadays especially if you want to learn optimization. How search engine optimization fits in digital marketing? How we have to use it in larger strategies to advance or improve our website and rank it’s higher in an engine? Here the most important sequence(flow chart) which tells us where the role of search engine optimization falls in digital marketing.

What is digital marketing and digital marketing salary?

There are four major mediums or channels for traffic on any website:

  1. Search (Yahoo, Google, AOL)
  2. Social (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  3. Direct (Google, Ask, Yahoo, AOL)
  4. Referral (Share, links)


A user is coming to your website after searching you on a search engine. This type of traffic is known as traffic from search. This is the first source of traffic for websites. For example, a user is searching on Google, Yahoo, or AOL and reaches to your website through these engines.

Here I further explore the search. In search, there are further two categories:

  • Traffic from Organic medium 
  • Traffic from Inorganic medium

1) Organic medium:

A user writes to find on the browser and click on the results instead of ADs. So this traffic is called organic traffic because the user clicks on an organic listing. The organic listing is the listing, which Google thinks through its algorithms to rank you, that you are the best result according to the query the user search. When you do SEO, basically the search’s organic traffic falls in the optimization of the engine. Through SEO we enhance this traffic.

2) Paid medium/ Inorganic medium:

We know that Google allows us ads. If we do not rank immediately against any keyword or we are unable to get traffic quickly then we can apply AD on that keyword. So that traffic begins as soon as possible on that keyword while we are doing optimization. This traffic falls in the search’s paid medium. It means traffic is coming paid medium but via search. In a paid medium, the campaigns recognize with the name of Pay per click (PPC) or search engine campaigns (SEM). These are the services we get through the medium of search.


Some users finding you through social media channels. It is also possible the user sees someone’s post or your page on social media and comes to your site via the social medium. It’s known as traffic from social media or social channels. what is social media? It includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other media etcetera. digital marketing, digital marketing course, digital marketing agency, what is digital marketing, digital marketing company, digital marketing services, google digital marketing course, digital marketing jobs

Similar to the above medium, In the social medium, the listing also involves two traffic mediums:

  • Organic medium
  • Paid medium 

1) Social Organic media/ organic medium:

In the organic social medium, the users do not click on Ads or paid listings. If somebody reaches to you from your status or if someone shares your status else from your social page without clicking on any Ad. It is called organic traffic from social media. In simple words organic means natural. You don’t need to force or convince anyone to see it. It is called viral content. Viral content is anything that viral’s easily.  For example, you notice that sometimes a picture, a video, a status viral’s publicly. Viral means become a trend. The trend means a large number of people see it and click on it. It’s not the traffic you buy after depositing money but it is the traffic you gain with good content that is called Traffic from good content. The social media manager manages it with social media management and brings a lot of traffic.

2) Social paid medium:

We know that a wide range of people is available on social media and you can show ads to all this public on social channels. Similar to google ads also display on social media. You select your target audience, pay money to them, and they visible your ad against the money you paid. And if someone clicks on that ad then it is called social media advertisement. In which you know that the users are actually coming to it from the paid medium. So it is not organic but paid traffic. 


Direct means people who know you, In other words, we can also say that the users familiar with your brand or company search you directly on the browser. They can find you as well as visit you directly by writing your URL or name on the browser. The direct traffic doesn’t approach via any channel. The user directly finds your domain on the world wide web.


Referral means traffic on your website from some other’s website by just clicking. For example, if any website inserts (embed) the name or link of your website on its site. It is possible you may write an article or publish news. People may click on the link after reading the news and reach your site. It is called referral traffic because someone refers you either use your site’s reference.

If we talk about digital marketing salary then it totally depends on the digital marketing specialist and the nature of your business.

How can we improve our search strategy based on different mediums in the digital marketing course?

We need to understand these mediums because we have to categorize which medium is a strong medium/channel. When we understand these channels then we can also be able to identify the weak channels. As we promote strong channels and try to improve weak channels then our overall strategy will be better.Indiana digital media provides information about Subjects Collections, Kindle Books, Kids, Teens, Screening Room, and Magazines.

Organic vs Paid medium:

The major difference between the organic and paid medium is, in organic you have to provide quality, and in paid you have to pay money. 


The benefit of an organic medium is, your content should contain a higher level of quality so that people automatically like it and further viral it. 

  • On google, it will rank good content.
  • On social, the sharing of such content increases.

Both contain different elements but ultimately both are organic.


Paid medium includes:

Google Ads: 

  • On the browser, people run an ad against a keyword.
  • On social, they can run an Ad against demography.

Demography means:

  • Pages
  • What 
  • Gender
  • Where 
  • Who 
  • Hobbies 

The role of content in digital marketing and optimizing the engine:

Digital marketing agency provides the facility of digital marketing on the monthly basis or for a limited time. In all these, one thing is very important that is content. If you do not have any channel you can not activate any channel. If you have to take organic traffic from the browser then you need content.  Or either you require traffic by paying money to the browser you also need content. Because when people click they will land somewhere. When they land somewhere if they do not find anything interesting on it they will leave it. You forcefully or through paid promotion to win the users to your site but you can’t stop them. Until they do not get the content they actually desire. Similarly, on social media, you provide any status. When they click and approach to your site they desire content. They require the desired content. You also need content on social media. If you run an ad, and while running an ad you have to land the user after clicking and goes to your website. They’re also a need for content. And for advertisement content is compulsory. Similarly on direct traffic, when somebody comes after visiting a website by writing a direct URL there also need a for content. Or referral link you then also content require. We do not need to ignore the content. The content has an integral part of the whole website and in the marketing, because content drives everything. Therefore your marketing has to progress it depends upon the content in the form of fuel. If you paid then it considers as paid content. In other cases, you provide it free then it falls into organic content. you can work in the field of digital marketing by following digital marketing strategies. if you do not how to start it then click here to learn.

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