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What is a Loyalty Loop? A key for Brands to win customers – Digital marketing

What is a Loyalty Loop in terms of brand loyalty and How can SEO help in getting Prospects?

Brand loyalty is significant for customers. Have you ever thought when you buy something, why do you buy anything? And if you did, how would you perform it?

There are two main reasons when you buy anything:

  • Need 
  • Want 

In business how can we understand a user’s buying behavior? Along with how a user likes something (product), purchase it, and then in what way interact with it? In this whole process where search engine optimization falls or plays its role? The new era is digital, Where people do shopping online they search also. So this process is commonly like the real-life typical environment and process of communication and buying anything from the general physical store. Similar to this people have online shopping behavior or patterns. To understand these patterns we have to understand the loyalty loop. Loyalty means how much a person is faithful to you? or How much a customer is your favorite? Usually, people like different brands and want to buy from them repeatedly. For the reason that some like their quality,  price, and other different factors, as a result, different people associate with different brands.

Loyalty: “Association with a particular brand due to different reasons.”

Loyalty Loop:

digital marketing, seo, customer feedback

Let’s understand the loyalty loop with an example: For example, you are not familiar with a brand or you want to purchase a thing, you are going to buy it for the first time.

Stage 1: Active Evaluation (information gathering, shopping)

A need arises to a user. Now he will actively evaluate from where he will get that thing? Generally, he will go to the market, ask a friend or family member where and how he buys it? Or which one is good etc. These all questions when he asks about a product or need then it is called active evaluation. This is the user thinking phase.

In digital how does this active evaluation happen? In online marketing, you go on a browser (Google) and research it. You will write a question over and over again and try to find its answer then you will reach such a point that from where? In how much you will buy it? How are sellers selling it? As well as how you need it? It varies from product to product. Active evaluation is very important if you are a business because the user has to decide from where he has to buy the product. Our goal is to see in the optimization of the engine how it will happen. 

Stage 2: Moment of purchase

After the active evaluation phase, a customer will be able to decide from where he has to buy a product. This is called the moment of buy. This is the time period in which you decide to purchase a product. It means you switch on the payment method or add a product to the shopping cart depending on where you are and from where you are buying a product. When you purchase a product and start using it then you reach the next stage.

Stage 3: Post-purchase behavior/ experience (ongoing exposure)

digital marketing, seo, customer feedback

When every company or brand sells you a product along with it gives you a warranty or support with its product. For example, you do not like a product or it has a fault as well not working properly then you go and talk with them. Here two seniors will occur; they will listen to you or they will not listen to you. This is called post-purchase behavior. This is a very important behavior because if a brand wants to form its audience then it can win its audience here. It’s a chance for the brands to win their audience at this stage forever. But if you lose them here, don’t provide support to them, then they will not come to you again.

Initial consideration set.

So the loyalty graph shows that in the Post-purchase behavior or after-sales behavior helps the customer to decide if he needs a similar product again then whom it will go. If he is happy with you and your support services then he will come to you again instead of, he searches for it again. A loop of this process will create. Instead, every time visiting or searching for a new brand and evaluating it. He goes to a single brand from which he satisfies every time to buy a particular product. It is valid for every business to understand this loop.

How digital marketing and engine optimization falls in the loyalty loop?

As an expert, We have to understand how this loop is effective in SEO and digital marketing. In this loop digital marketing or search, both can fall. So we have to focus on stage No. 1. When a user is actively evaluating your brand.  In digital evaluation means search. What is the user searching for? It’s necessary to understand it. For example, if he needs shoes. He can search for the best shoes in Lahore or the best shoes in Pakistan. If you are selling shoes then this customer is a relevant customer for you and you should have to rank for this query. If you do not help this customer or don’t rank against this query then you lose this customer and sell. Who will answer this query can win the customer and sell. Same as a user searching clothes, food, restaurant, etc. So these are the questions people ask, and these fall in active evaluation. Active evaluation plays an important role in the search and business strategy. We discussed earlier, Google is the largest search engine and these findings occur in google continuously. If you make your strategies according to finding engines and Bing also you understand what people find on these products then you can rank your content on these queries. After ranking your website, you become a part of this active evaluation. When you become a part of the active evaluation and they reach on your website then the user will decide to buy your product or not. Or your product is able to, after utilizing it, users can discuss with other users about it. We need such customers who buy or visit us again and again. For this purpose, we have to attract those customers for how to start a business?? . For the brands which understand it, the Search engine plays a significant role in the first stage. They use it and gain traffic by using it. More traffic means more customers and it increases sells and business growth. Learn more about how can you transform your business into a big one a complete guide.

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