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What makes Google the Best Search Engine?

Top-Rated Search Engine 2021

What makes Google the Best Search Engine?

Chrome Google search engine is the top-rated engine rather then the foriegn search engines. Till now we discuss how it brings innovation in its search? How does it decide new things? How does it update its algorithm? In what ways and how the team decides about keeping features and discarding or deletion of features? However it is also necessary to understand, why is it the best search engine? The main reason is it always shows the results according to the context and environment of the user.

For example, a person is sitting at home and searching for a biryani on it then it will consider it as you are interested in eating or making biryani. The results show you depend on your activity like you daily search for a recipe before cooking then it will display you the recipe at first. For the recipe, the possible outcome that it displays to you will be a video or steps of methods based on the current need and environment.

If a person is in the market and against the biryani search, it will show the available restaurant to him, then it’s the most suitable result according to requirement and environment. Instead, it displays you the recipe of biryani at that time. Which is not a valid conclusion. How does the search engine understand all these? How does this context develop? Why does Google only understand this context as compared to other engines? As the best engine, it can fast track its users in different ways. For this purpose, it launched several products, among all these products

Some most important products of chrome google which make it unique from others: 

Google Ecosystem:

The main business of google is search but it is continuously launching its new businesses, where it provides you more products. In addition to it wants to track you from everywhere, which basically the leading goal of google tracking.

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If you are using a chrome browser then it tracks you. Like what do you search on chrome google? What do you open on it? As well how long you stay on which website? Which website you left? From which website you switch to another? It can track all these from the chrome browser so you can easily download chrome.


Bing is Microsoft’s product and Microsoft has its own browser known as internet explorer. And it launched its new browser which is Microsoft edge. Microsoft can do it but Yahoo, AOL, and other search engines do not have this opportunity. They do not have a browser but offer different features like bing images. Only chrome google and Bing can track users. Such that what people are doing, their habits, or tracking user patterns, they use this information for the improvement of its engine by applying different formulas and feed all in their programs based on user habits to deliver you the best results.

Google history 

Google also tracks your history. When you are searching on it and you are not logged in. It doesn’t recognize you but can identify your device. such as, you are using a device and coming from the device several times. When you logged in through a device then it starts tracking your history. The benefit of this, it will track the same history on your mobile and on other devices you are using. it also provides the facility to its user to clear history of your findings. When you logged from someone’s device then it understands this is the same person and it displays your history on those devices too. AOL, YAHOO does not occupy this product or we can say that they do not provide this facility. Bing may have this feature but they do not properly promote it.


Google analytics 

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It also facilitates the website owners. It provides a free tool to the website owners namely google analytics. This tool tells the owners who are coming to your website and

from where the user is coming to your site? This product also tells the time, while a user comes to your site and his activities on site. Which pages it views or how long it stays on

the page and from which page he left your site? This data is really very important for every website owner because google analytics tells him which page of your website the users are more interested in. So it provides all this data to people to boost your websites but at the same time, it also recording this data in its engine. It feeds all this data as a consequence on this basis it launches new products.

Google maps

Have you ever listen to any other product for maps rather than google maps. No other browser still launched any product related to maps. iPhone has maps or maps data but has no search engine. So the only googol has this feature. It has the leading benefit of location because it tracks you from your account like where you are and displays relevant results to your location. For example, if you search for something from Pakistan it shows you the relevant result of your query regarding Pakistan. The benefit of using them, it doesn’t show you the result of any other country related to your findings. It is a famous product of this browser for maps. Its data tracking feature makes it really different from other engines.

Play store

If you have an android phone then it is tracking you from every aspect. When you install any app from the play store app. It also the product of this engine so google assistant, google news all are on your android mobile, it records your data through the android platform also. प्ले स्टोर,st0re,storeplay,pla stores,old play store,playe outlet,play to shop,what is plays app,spiderman play store,play store or app store,play mobile store,play stard,pkay store,play store6,pla play store,playsyore,playa store,playatoreAndroid has become the largest platform now because it’s totally free. Every mobile company installs it on their devices and then sells as android mobiles. All the companies except iPhone selling their mobile after installing android. Android is also google’s product and young users love to enjoy the best android games as well that is why it has the authority to track my phone, track your habits, can listen to you moreover track your location through GPS. It considers the best engine because it has huge data. It also knows what you search for from your home or office. When you are looking for what? It feeds all this to it enhance its engine. When some users do the same thing it launches it as a feature and as it launches people like it. The reason is people already in that problem and it provides them the solution to that problem. That is why chrome google is the best search engine.


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