How to Pick a Best Fiverr username? Tips & Excellent guide for Freelancing New Sellers

Here are tips for picking a Unique Fiverr Username :

Fiverr username makes your business more professional. So you must choose an attractive and unique user name.

Some common questions which are arising in your mind:

  1. When to use your full name?
  2. You can use your full name on Fiverr?
  3. How can I make my user name more attractive to get more buyer’s attention?
  4. How my user name helps me in getting more orders?
  5. If my name is relative to a specific skill is it beneficial or not?
  6. what kind of user name should be on Fiverr??
  7. what is the best user name for my profile?

The answers to all your questions are available below.

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Good Names/USERNAME Styles Guide:

You can only build a good profile if you choose a good username. With the help of a name creator you should choose a memorable username that will influence your profile
This article will show you how to choose a username that is compatible with your Fiverr account

Types of Fiverr usernames

1.Your original Name

Your personal name can be used as your username. For example, if your name is Laney Williams, your account can also be Elena Doran because there are no rules against this.


  • Whitespace is not required: MillerTox
  • With Underscore: Miller_Tox
  • With “its”+name: Itsmillertox

2. Brand Name

A brand name is another good option for choosing a username. A brand name can be used to identify your company or products.
Here are some examples:

  • Miller_marketing
  • Tox_graphics
  • Creative_writers

3. Service Name

This can be a great way to offer services that are niche-specific.

  • Your name + service name: Miller_seo
  • Brand Name + Service Name : magic_designer

4. Generic word:

You choose a name in this, but use the term “Innovation” “Solutions” “Studio” etc. Generic term. These words primarily cover all types of skills. This then has something to do with the first form.

  • E.g. red innovation or Alpha_studio

Fiverr username Examples :

Fiverr User name always depends on your skills and you always have to to make your name with your skill just as

  • If Alaska is an expert in Logo design then his name would be: Alaska_design2
  • If Noora is an expert in SEO then her name would be: Noora_SEO

Here is the live example is taken from  the ranked  gig of Fiverr

 fiverr username Example                                        fiverr username examples


Tips That Will Help You avoid Choosing a shitty username for Fiverr:

  1. Do not decide on a shitty username that is difficult to spell out. Fiverr, Fiverr gig, Fiverr username, Fiverr account, Fiverr login, freelance, Fiverr name, good names Fiverr Username
  2. Do not be dull and do not select something confusing or generic.
  3. Do not select your true name — unless you are the most exciting individual in town.
  4. Do not replicate another username.

Take your time that way, you will have more time to understand it is a shitty username. The reality is that you need people to have the ability to describe and remember your name. Additionally, you would like to produce something that, when folks view it, they immediately understand exactly what you do.

Here are some important Information Related to Fiverr You should know:


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