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Inbound Marketing Methodology

Inbound marketing is a new methodology that is spreading or growing very quickly as digital marketing came out. In this methodology, compared to outbound marketing, you push people to watch an Ad forcefully, like on TV or newspaper. In this strategy they want user come to them by finding them according to their need and want. They address and focus on the need and wants of the user and provide customer value. Further, if he wants, then buy from you. It means in this marketing strategy you try to win the trust of customer:

Trust WinTo win the trust of customers, there are many different methods in the digital marketing business through which you can also: 

  • Track them, 
  • How many people show their interest.

 As well you can check the interested people among those who show you interest. Who shows you interest and who move further. You have all this data, and your sales team can reach them and talk to them according to their stage. Like what issue you are facing, how can I help you? So that we can help you. In this way, inbound marketing strategy tries to fulfill customers’ needs and demands and achieve their marketing goals alternatively, instead of selling something forcefully to the customers (as clients). SEO marketing has an important role in inbound marketing.

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There are four major processes or stages in inbound marketing after planning.

  1. Attract inbound marketing
  2. Convert inbound sales
  3. Close customers
  4. Delight inbound services

Attract inbound marketing methodology:

In the attract stage the people who are searching for you have some problems, needs and wants. Therefore you should attract them. When they search on Google, you must have the answer to that search. For example, if they are writing a question. It would help if you had an answer to that question to enhance SEO digital marketing. Or if they are searching for something, you necessary acquire or hold that. So this content is very necessary first to attract the people.

Convert inbound sales:

After attract, you need to convert them. In inbound sales, the users are now familiar with you. You have to convince customers in different ways. As they leave their:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email address

When you add this data into the tool, it starts tracking. Like which and when a customer visits our site and browses which pages. Which of your emails he open. From where he likes your social media statuses and from where he left and went from your website. So the data you collect from inbound marketing is very effective to improve and advance your marketing strategy.

Close customers:

When you know a customer is coming to your page repeatedly and reading about your product( 产品). View serval pages, reading blogs, follow you on social media. So this data is very useful for the sales team. Because the sales team reaches the first who start interacting with your brand very much, they try to close them, which means trying to convert them into sales. As the customers converted into sales for productivity and the next stage of inbound marketing starts.

Delight inbound services:

In marketing, when we sell something, we stop the marketing process. But inbound says you should not stop the process. You should create content for the customers you already have and support them further in the product by creating a different type of content like tutorials, events, etc. However, you make them their brand ambassador.

Brand ambassador means they are so happy with you and take your brands to others. When someone talks about your product they tell them(customers) about your brand and become your promoters. As they will sell their own by telling you among the best brands. The concept of referral marketing has also come from here. This all will happen when customers will happy with you. To reach this stage you must need to understand the concept of inbound marketing as well as online digital marketing. Similarly, after providing quality to users your company will exist among the Beste merken (a term in dutch language) all over the world. Read more details about this strategy.

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