What is SEO Forecasting? Top 5 SEO forecasting Tools

What is SEO Forecasting?

SEO forecasting is a process that proactively looks at the search engine market and analyzes how it will change in order to help you plan for upcoming changes. SEO forecast is predictions about what the future holds for a website’s rankings, based on current trends. The best way to use this information is by integrating it into your overall marketing strategy so you can create content accordingly.

Importance Of SEO Forecasting

According to the SEMrush data, early adoption of the Google Hummingbird algorithm has more than tripled. Previously it was 31 percent and is now at 96 percent. This shows that organic search forecasting will play an important role in future marketing decisions of companies because they want to be ahead when it comes to change in technology and forecasting data is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. 

Companies who are not aware of upcoming updates from search engines or have been caught unaware by previous algorithm updates do not achieve the desired results as expected which impacts revenue negatively overtime a period.

In order to avoid such situations, SEO forecast should be done on a regular basis with respect to tools like Ahrefs & Moz Analytics through organic traffic channels using webmaster tools, etc according to your business goals/targets.

How To Forecast SEO 

Remember that forecasting SEO traffic is all about looking back at your prior performance to determine your future performance and growth opportunities in the near future

seo forecasting

Go over the historical data and seasonal performance taking into account external influences. These numbers don’t suffice to provide a precise forecast. When estimating future performance ensure that you include changes that could be made to search engines, platforms users’ behavior, as well as the overall business landscape in the past as well as in the future. 

The recent Virus outbreak is an excellent example. When the first outbreak of the disease hit in March of 2020, a lot of businesses in the eCommerce sector saw massive increases in sales online, thanks to the need for online shopping during the initial lockdowns. However, it is not wise to examine that record and expect the same results each March for the future.

Top Five SEO Forecasting Tools

There are many SEO forecasting tools available to help you with your marketing and website’s performance. Some of these include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Planner, and Bing Webmaster Tools. SEO forecasting tools can be used for a variety of purposes such as keyword research, organic search engine optimization (SEO), and understanding the market competition among other things. Here we will explore what each forecasting tool does best and why it is necessary to have one or more in your arsenal!

1- Moz Pro

This data forecasting tool provides daily rank tracking and site audits with recommendations for improvement. The amount of data available can get overwhelmingly fast if you don’t know what you need or how to use it effectively, so most people lean towards hiring someone who specializes in this area. Another great feature provided by Pro is the ability to see how your competitors are currently ranking for specific keywords.

2- SEMrush

In addition to providing a wide range of analytics, this tool also helps you spy on your competitor’s backlinks and keyword rankings. It has a powerful feature that allows you to see the top five organic keywords that drive traffic to all websites in any given niche or sector then pinpoint which ones could potentially be good opportunities for SEO growth by using Moz Pro Keyword Difficulty Tool.

 Once identified, businesses can target these high-value words with an enhanced optimization strategy such as building quality links from reputable sites within their industry (i.e., guest blogging). This is one of the best tools because it provides so much value with a relatively small monthly subscription, plus it’s very intuitive to use.

3- AccuRanker

AccuRanker is an algorithm-based SEO forecasting tool that provides keyword rankings with detailed information on each position in search results. This enables marketers to plan content strategies accordingly. It also calculates the trustworthiness of web pages based on how many sites link to them.

Large companies pay tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of service from agencies because it helps them stay one step ahead as they work towards building a strong online presence by driving traffic through digital marketing channels such as PPC campaigns, social media outreach, and organic optimization techniques. The software can be used as a standalone or integrated into Google Analytics which allows users to track keywords over time so they have

4- SpyFu

This SEO forecasting tool provides a free trial for one month and it’s perfect if you want to “spy on your competitor’s organic keywords, ad copies, landing pages, and SEMrush search engine ranking history without the need of an account login information.” 

Some say that this is also a great way to see what types of ads are being displayed within Google AdWords as well as other top paid advertising platforms such as Bing Ads or Facebook Ads. It can provide valuable insight into which terms they are bidding on so businesses can come up with creative strategies for expanding their own campaigns in order to achieve greater exposure by targeting those same words.

5- Raven Tools

This is another great tool for tracking keywords, backlinks, and organic rankings that also offers a free trial so you can try it out before committing to the monthly fee. It provides easy access to comprehensive keyword data within Bing, Yahoo! & Google which makes planning more effective since SEO forecasting tools are all about identifying opportunities for growth based on accurate information regarding how your competitors are currently performing in terms of search engine rankings vs. what they were doing six months ago (i.e., historical analysis).

 Raven Tools allows business owners to compare their own results with those of any given competitor while simultaneously providing suggestions for improvement via its “actionable insights” feature available when viewing certain columns such as Organic Keywords or Backlinks by Domain.

Another great feature of this SEO forecasting tool is that it allows you to schedule up to 100 reports at a time and even email them directly from the platform. This comes in handy if you want your team members or clients to be able to access these types of reports on their own without having any technical expertise (i.e., CSV files). Plus, Raven Tools also offers an API – which means business owners can sync all data with third-party applications such as Google Analytics for more comprehensive reporting across multiple platforms including social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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