How To Get More Likes On Facebook- Definitive Guide 2023

How To Get More Likes On Facebook?

Do you want to get more likes on Facebook? In this blog post, we will go over different strategies that will help you get more likes on the popular social media platform.

You can find out how to use different schemes to attract new followers, which could lead to more likes. We also discuss how posting quality content is an important part of getting more followers, as well as optimizing your profile for search engines. So if you are looking for some quick tips on how to get more likes on your Facebook page, keep reading!

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Optimize your profile 

If you want to get likes on Facebook pages try to make an amazing profile. Create a compelling cover photo for your page that is relevant and interesting so it grabs the attention of readers when they land on your page. Display your location, but avoid adding too many personal details like birthday and relationship status (unless you want everyone to know).

Give Response  

Respond to people who comment on your Facebook posts. If someone leaves a question for you, take the time out of your schedule (or set up an automatic response) to answer them back. This will make other readers more likely to engage with and it will definitely help to increase Facebook likes.

Post Quality Content 

Only post content that is relevant to your business and brand, otherwise it will make you look like a spammer which can lead to Facebook deleting the page altogether. 

Post photos that evoke emotion in viewers which is why it’s important not only to use aesthetically pleasing images but also relevant ones too.

Post Regularly

The more you post, the more chances there are for you to get Facebook likes. Posting regularly helps increase engagement. Use Insights as a way of seeing what type of content is popular with your audience. 

Although you don’t have access to how many likes each post gets directly, insights provide useful data about reach and engagement. Social media sites change regularly as new features appear, old ones fade away, etc.  Make sure you keep your Facebook page up to date by providing regular updates.

Use hashtags

Use hashtags for promotions or events on Facebook so people can find them if they search the hashtag in their mobile app. Be specific about what you’re promoting and use a relevant hashtag to give it more exposure than just having it as part of your post title. Do not create fake hashtags that won’t be searched by anyone – this is considered spamming which will lead to action from Facebook against your account.

Optimize post times

The Facebook algorithm’s changes have made it more difficult for companies to achieve success through Facebook. Find out the times (based on your intended audience) which people are most likely to view and interact with your Facebook posts, to maximize impact and increase Facebook likes. 

Studies have shown that it is ideal to post on Facebook at around 9 a.m. Then, from 1 – 4 p.m. You’ve got that feeling of checking Facebook as you get to work, and then again as the day begins to get a bit long at the end of the day. However, weekends are a good time to post.


Commenting is one of the best ways to get more likes on Facebook because when someone takes the time to comment back, that person has made an effort towards building a relationship with you. If other users see their friends commenting on posts by your business, they may be inclined to like you as well.

Buy Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads can be a great way to promote your business or product and you will eventually get more likes on Facebook and followers. When executed correctly, they can deliver results quickly and at an affordable cost-per-click (CPC). If possible, buy Facebook ads if you really want to increase Facebook likes quickly and easily since they are incredibly effective at targeting specific demographics of people. 

Find your target audience

Your strategy should seek to get more likes on Facebook from users who have the highest chance of bringing benefits to your company through continuous engagement, instead of single-time Likes from people who are online. Defining your people as for your followers could be a great starting point. In the end, you have to know who you’re talking with so that you can use the appropriate tools and tone instead of trying to appeal to the entire two billion Facebook users.


In the end, If Facebook decides to continue with the experiment and cover up its Like Counter, marketers, and even advertisers may have an uphill battle. However, it shouldn’t be a disaster.

You can also use some tools that will boost Facebook likes at once. But growing your Facebook page and getting Facebook likes organically is what I prefer. Because If you become successful in increasing Facebook page likes (and you’ll continue watching that number grow on your side) you build an audience that is supportive and is engaged with your brand. 

These customers are extremely important to your company since they’re more likely to be positive advocates of your brand to others.

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