How to create a Google Ads account without a credit card for Keyword Planner Tool

Setup Your Google Ads Account without campaign free account

Google ads account mostly used for advertisement, but we can use its tool for keyword research.

The name of the tool is the Google keyword planner tool. This tool is a part of Google ads. When we create an account, many users ask whether I can publish ads without a payment method. Are you want to account set? Do you want to explore the ad’s keyword?

Complete step by step guide of creating google ads account without a credit card or campaign free settings:

We only need a Gmail account to create the google keyword tool Google.

    1-Open Ads manager account page. Login to your Gmail account to create an ad account.

    2-Open the google ads website and press ok on the browser.

3-Firstly sign-in to the google ads website and click on the switch to expert mode.

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 4-Click on “Create an account without a campaign”.

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5-Confirm your business information

  •  Select your country, If you belong to Pakistan select it.
  • Choose currency according to your country. For-example (Pakistani Rupee).
  • Click on submit button.

    Note: Select your country and currency carefully because you will not change it later in your google Adwords login.

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Congratulations! Your google ads account is created.

    Now  Click on the “Explore Your Account Button”

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Now you can use it as a keyword tool.

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Click on Discover new Keywords  google keyword planner, keyword planner tool, keyword planner google, keyword planner free

Here you can do your keyword research

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It is called an AdWords login account. Google ads and awards are the same. This tool is beneficial for you to take as a keyword search tool. Let’s start your AdWords sign up and access google tools freely. Learn more about if you face any difficulty.

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