Google Search Page Structure- layout design of the best browser 2020

Google Search Page Structure | Design Website 2021

Design website and layout design is really an important feature. When you open a browser what you see? Here another question when you open what’s in front of you? Of course a logo, a search box, few links above and below, and except these a remaining full white page. If you open this on any other browser, mobile, or on any place where the internet service is available and the browser runs. There you can see it as it is. So it brings a lot of changes in its engine but its home page is similar for 20 years. How it updates and transforms its engine? We will examine all the new features it has inserted as well as all the sections and when these sections pop up. It did so many improvements in its design.

The following are significant features what makes a good website design:

Direct answer box:

If you want to ask for any answer from it, it prefers to answer you. It is an answer engine we already discuss it, In Google as an Answer Engine. It struggles is to directly respond to your question as it understands your query. To prominent this answer, it displays a different design for this result as compare to others. E.g. in this layout, there is your answer in the center and contains relevant pictures as reverse image search google,  on the sides and below.

Featured snippets:

Featured Snippets are brief text snips that appear at the top of Google’s search results to immediately react to a search engine question. The material shown within the Featured Snippet is automatically taken from Google’s index site pages. Definitions, graphs, measures, and lists contain different forms of featured excerpts.


It displays some highlight things to you, among those the most important is the paragraph. If your query is about something that requires information then it will show a paragraph related to it. So that you can easily found your answer instantly and no need for more clicks. Basically, it wishes to feedback on your problem directly on its own.

Bulleted lists:

Some people looking for food recipes or other recipes and different things in which list structure involved. It displays such lists directly on the top. For example: how to set up a camera? Or how to drive your car? When you search such types of queries involving steps in it, if it understands them it will show you straightforward results like featured snippets bulleted lists. It also presents several references for further study about the topic as in form of a list in bullets.

Numbered list:

Another feature of it in which it shows you a numbered list. If steps involved, for example, no1. 2. 3… stepwise numbering with stages occurs. So you can’t go anywhere instead of it and get your information on it.

Tabel Design:

Tabel design is necessary to understand specific information. If you get information in columns it is easier for you to understand it. For example, when it shows you the investment table, conversions, or make it easy for you to digest information. Just for your ease, when it thinks its information helps you as well it’s the information you required.

Rich snippets:

Come into your view another form of its layout design. Specifically when you are looking for a product and you need a product rating or price. Such types of snippets are called rich snippets. It picks public websites data and in which people are reviewing it. For example, a person wants to shop from an e-commerce website. Different users purchase and review the product (1 star to 5 stars). When they give a star rating it ultimately wants to show to the public. how to start a business?? It guides you, the product you are going to buy contains the following rating, price, and availability in stock it actually presents you directly because it desires to keep its users on it by providing the maximum information. 

Similarly, you are looking for a mobile, all the related links with details are displayed to you. You automatically understand which one is best.

Local map:

Local maps data comes from google map. This pack is activated when the location-based search you performed or looking for a place then the relevant conclusion shows to you. For example,  restaurants, restaurants are physical locations where we go and have our meal. If it feels the query you entered, location matters for it then through that location it displays you the map. Those maps tell you how far or near you are from the location.

Knowledge graph:

Knowledge graphs are always on the right side. These graphs appear on the right side of the image when you need special information about a particular thing. Even you are interested in google search by image.  For example, we are looking for a building, a special place, an actor as we already illustrate about actor here.

In knowledge graph data comes from Wikipedia. The knowledge graph is also google’s successful product According to the query, it shows maps, images, further reference links etcetera.

Knowledge panel:

It is slightly different from the knowledge graph. The knowledge panel brings all the information from Google (map listing and other products).

In google maps, if your business is registered and your location contains some feedback, people review, your number and address are added to it. It shows those who are searching for your business.

People may ask:

What you search on it, it keeps all your search history. On this basis, it launched this framework known as people may ask. When you ask a question, it thinks the answer is necessary but along with it shows similar questions like when you select different questions it displays more suggestions to you. It helps people in research.

Image pack:

It displays images as photos google in it. If you are looking for any image then it shows you all the images immediately in the response to your query instead of you go to google images or on the next tab.


This feature is about the news. If you are finding a topic and there is also any hot news about that topic. Or it thinks on this topic news should be shown. It shows you a box with the name of the newsbox. In which the latest news or trending news will present you and below all the relevant results will appear.

In this way it’s the best browser in 2020, it brings innovation or launched new features and also deletes some of them. It totally depends on what people are looking for and what it is testing, or on what basis it is evaluating.

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