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Google’s business company approach and guidelines to search

Google business approach to search 

Till now we discuss about google business as the best search engine but how it is best? It previously illustrated Google does not take money from its organic search and if you want to do anything on it after depositing money is only possible through ADs via ads manager. But it necessarily needs to understand how much google is serious about its google business. That is why this search engine guides us itself, how they are improving their engine, updating their queries, and what’s their procedure. Now will discuss, why it is the best searching engine and how it becomes more advanced.

The biggest reason for google’s advancement is, it has thousands of engineers working continuously on the betterment of its algorithms. They embed this way of betterment into the procedure.  Through this process, they stepwise after testing come in the approval stage and it will display to the public after approval. How this stepwise testing come into being or we can say that how this step based testing happens. How they test it with their different angles and with different users.

It includes three important things:

  1. Focus on the user (we strive to deliver useful and relevant results.)
  2. A/B testing
  3. Test with public

Focus on the user

Have you ever noticed the most important for Google is its Users? That is why when it doesn’t have ads google so it does not show it to you. As well as it doesn’t display any extra thing to its users whenever it has nothing to display. When the user goes to, he searches on it. There is always a search engine (search bar), a logo and it is limited to this framework until the user will search something on it, no data will present to him.

Why results matter for search engines??

Therefore for the important thing for it, is the results for users. What does it do for users? The purpose of developing the search engine is for the users. So it thinks, it is necessary to take opinions from the user. In the user testing, the first test is, their engineers come up with different suggestions to improve their engine like what should we have to do to upgrade our engine? In this test, they hire an external team which basically an expert or specialist in his field. It displays the test with a guideline to this external team. What the guideline could be? The guideline depends on different parameters. Such as what you have to test in it. They test on the basis of the result and tells us for example, we like this point or we don’t like this point. So in the form of a checklist, the Test appears in front of everyone. When Google puts its own things in front of all so, they also get a test with it. Like the number of things the a team likes or the remaining, they don’t like. They further roll out the selected parameters for testing and discard the remaining disliked parameters. With this, it also performs a test called A/B Testing.

A/B testing:

In this test, it displays the two versions of everything. Which in English term called A/B testing. For example, you have one-page in form and as well you have the same page in another form. Now it displays the two images to the external team side by side. Which means it decides to display one result to the team in two different forms. They choose a result and tell us what they like. The evaluator then evaluates which one is better. On this basis, google take further only those features which externals like and the other things totally rejected or added them in a review.

Test with the public (public testing):

Similar to evaluators it displays both results to the users. The general public or common people even don’t recognize when this experiment is happening with them and when doesn’t happen. During the experiment sometimes you see some features but later on, you don’t see them.

Google manages it as it put half or a part of some traffic on to the new version because when people visit the search engine they will see the new features to judge how the part of traffic reacts after viewing the new features. How do they talk about it? Google business monitors all these activities and sees performance on the graph. As the graph shows the trend in an upward direction. On the other hand, the second version when it displays to the users the graph shows the activity in a downward direction. It brings this data to its engineers after public testing.

 They evaluate this data also to check what is better for them or not. After evaluating all testing results including the engineer’s opinion than the collective decision appears. For example:

  • Which feature is best and move further
  • Which feature will discard
  • To which feature we have to give another chance or needs further testing.

Through which we have to improve the search engines. It’s a guarantee from google that without it, it doesn’t allow to affect its engine. Hence it is very serious about google business. No one can convince it to launch anything because ‘it says we sell advertising results don’t search results.’

With testing, it also gives a chance to website owners,

  1.  Guide them
  2. Give its suggestions

 to them. How you have to improve your website and how Google examines and perceive your website. It provides:

  • Search engine guidelines
  • Through different webmaster tools,

To guides them on what kind of issues it taking from your site. It also tells the website owner that you don’t have to do the following things: These are the guidelines that it launches from time to time known as Webmaster guidelines for search engine optimization.

Google business

Aa a search engine it says, you have the right to provide your information. E.g. you sometimes see some websites which seem not too good and their results will also not best. It understands all these and according to it, we will not decide how your content is because we are not hosting your content. Host means the content is on your website and it does not acquire it. The owner of the content available on your website or the way you are presenting your information is your property. It thinks it’s everyone’s right to appear on the search engines. It only adds search results in its database, It just tells you where your information exists or the location of your data and maintain it nor content.

But in some extreme cases where it thinks some users trying to do fraudulent activities to rank higher with black hat techniques then it blocks them or can delete them. It does all that to improve its engine and wants its users will keep coming to it. While the user coming to it then the company will grow and earn money, which actually the ultimate purpose of google business as well as every business.

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