How to get Competitors Backlinks? Free Guide 2023

Competitor backlinks

Competitor Backlinks refers to a search engine optimization strategy that involves analyzing the backlinks from competing websites within a vertical search. This activity is intended to improve organic search engine rankings and understand the link-building strategies of business competitors.

Competitor backlink analysis can give you a benchmark of the number and quality of links required to rank high in search engines.A second possible outcome of competitive link analysis is identifying and linking specific high-authority websites. An organic link building service can help you earn backlinks on these sites, as well as find opportunities your competitors aren’t linking to.

There are two types of competitors you need to research:

  • Domain-level competitors

These websites are in the same industry as you or provide similar information. They target the same audience as you. They are competing for the exact keywords and ranking high in search engines.

  • Page-level competitors

These sites, although not necessarily competitors in the overall sitewide keyword overlap, still compete with your page-level search for specific keywords/topics.

Why You Should Conduct a Competitor Backlink Analysis

You can perform Competitor backlink analysis by looking at websites in your industry or with a similar audience to yours. This research focuses on the performance of your competitor’s websites, backlinks, online authority, and other factors. Competitor backlink analysis helps you create a digital strategy that will work for your website.

  • Assess the competition in your industry. 

Competitor backlink analysis will allow you to see how your competitors are doing and provide guidelines on what you should do to be competitive. If your industry has an average of 100 backlinks per site, it is possible to create more backlinks to your site.

  • See what helps others in your industry rank well.

You can analyze competitors backlinks to see their quality and number. This gives insight into the reasons sites rank well. You can see the backlink portfolio of competitors if their site appears on the first-page search results.

  • Identify how you can emulate a competitor’s strategy to earn backlinks too. 

You can identify which backlink profiles are helping your competitors rank. This information can be used to improve your site’s ranking.

How to Find Competitor Backlinks

How to check competitors backlinks? There are many ways to locate competitor backlinks. This guide will show you how to find backlinks of competitors. It is an effective way to boost your link-building strategies by finding out the competitor backlinks. It’s likely that if it works well for them, it will work for you. These are the steps to perform a link analysis on competitors’ backlinks.

1. Identify Your Main Keywords

Most people don’t know how to check backlinks of competitors? 

Target keywords are essential to an effective SEO strategy when it comes to climbing the search engine ranks. In competitor backlinks, the backlink profile of your main competitors will look precisely like yours. These direct competitors can be found by knowing every target keyword that affects your search engine visibility. Although you might be familiar with the keywords you have included in your SEO strategy, you should also use a keyword tool. This will allow you to see which keywords are most common on your website. To perform a keyword analysis of your website, you can use a tool such as Ubersuggest or Spyfu.

2. Identify Your Main Competitors 

Next, you will need to identify your top competitors. These are top-performers that rival you in Google searches for your target keywords. How to find competitors? To find competitor websites follow these steps.

Start by doing a ‘related’ search on Google. 

This will display all websites with topics similar to yours.

Enter this string into the search box: related:[your URL website]

You may find some domain-level competition on the websites that are returned by a related search.

Next, perform a keyword search for each target keyword.

Take note of the top-ranked pages in each search engine result page (SERP). You will notice certain websites popping up repeatedly. These websites should be added to your list.

Although page-level competitors may not rank for the exact focus keywords, they are equally important.

Beware. Avoid personalized searches.

Because personalized searches are based on your search terms, they will distort the results that you see on every SERP. You’ll see different results if you search for content that is similar to your website.

3. Analyze Domain-Level Competitors with a competitor backlink checker Tool

Competitor backlinks allow you to examine the domains linking to your domain-level rivals.

These are your closest competitors, so you will want to find out which of their referring sites are the most successful and then steal them.

Although Ahrefs, SEMRush, and many other tools are very useful to check competitor backlinks, you will need to pay for access to their backlink analysis tool.

Moz Link Explorer has a premium option, but you can still analyze the top competitor backlinks for free. This backlink tool is great because you only care about the top backlinks.

4. Investigate Page-Level Competitors with a Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool

Although page-level competition doesn’t directly affect your site, individual articles can help you to take the top spot and capture 90% of the organic traffic.

Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a great tool for analyzing the link profiles of page-level competitors.

Here’s how you perform a page-level Competitor backlink analysis on Ubersuggest:

Click on each target keyword to see the table. It shows you the top-ranked pages for that key term. The page-level competitors can be identified as they are not competing for the same audience or offering services. To analyze backlink competitions for each article, click on the orange numbers in the links column.

5. Analyze Semantically Similar Keywords

After reviewing all of your top keywords, it’s time to look at semantically related keywords. It would be best if you remembered that your competitors might have a different SEO strategy than you. They may not show up when you search for the top keywords.

You can use the same SEO tool that was mentioned above to search for your top keywords. This will display the full pages with semantically related keywords.

6. Pinpoint the Top-Referring Sites

Once you have all the data collected, it is time to do a deep-dive analysis of backlinks to find the most valuable domains. You want sites with high domain authority scores as well as pages with high page authority.

The domain authority score and page authority scores of a site indicate how likely it will rank high on Google. Higher rankings on Google are more popular, meaning visitors will be more likely to click your pages and sites. Avoid pages with high spam scores. These pages and sites don’t look good with Google, so they won’t rank high.

You should look for sites with the most recent referrals. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a site is still a popular backlink resource. Blogs, products, and thought leaders become less popular and their audience shrinks. Referral links lose the same weight when this happens. You should look for backlink opportunities that are current. 

Look for backlink opportunities on websites that receive high organic traffic. Your backlink will be clicked more often if there are more visitors to your website. Finally, you should look for industry-popular referrers. Backlinks from the same websites as competitors who have the same target audience will be found by those with backlinks. You can spot duplicates by putting all of your backlink data in a spreadsheet and filtering it by A-Z.

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