What Is Blogger Outreach? 5 Phases of Blogger Outreach 2021

What Is Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach or outreach marketing is an important part of any content marketing strategy. Everybody claims they can create great and authoritative content. They won’t be able to reach your audience if they don’t combine it with an effective outreach strategy.

Businesses can increase their brand exposure through blogger outreach by tapping into the huge following of influencers. Blog outreach is a way for businesses to connect with top influencers or bloggers in their niche and create authentic content. Content outreach will increase your online credibility and influence. You can offer them either a fee or access for free to your products or services.

Blogger Outreach Explained

By using a blogger outreach service you can convince publishers to write about your site and to link to you. Relevant content posted on quality websites can provide a lot of value from an SEO perspective. 

Influencers are trusted by your audience and can be a great way to promote your products or services. They can help grow your audience and increase engagement which is not what Jurassic World or After Earth did.

Blog outreach goes beyond a simple email to influencers asking for help. This is where “Content” comes in.

The 5 Phases of Blogger Outreach

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  1. Before reaching out to bloggers, plan your entire campaign. It is important to visualize your goals before you start pitching. This will help you steer the movement in the correct direction. Consult buyer personas to get a clear picture of which bloggers your customers follow.
  2. You can identify the right bloggers by using blogger outreach tools and recommendations from your network.
  3. Pitch Reach bloggers individually by reaching out to them in a personal manner. This should include a give (what are you offering and why they would like to work with me) and an ask (“What do you want them to do for your brand?).”
  4. Send the assets to bloggers who work with you. They can write about your brand’s entire experience. Send what you promise, and it will be awesome.
  5. Promote If you receive media from bloggers, share it on your channels. This will help your posts be seen, and the bloggers are exposed to new audiences. 

Why is Blogger Outreach Important?

Blogger outreach has the advantage of allowing you to keep in touch with your target audience. You’re tapping into the niche-relevant blogger audience. You can increase traffic to your website by publishing a quality blog with your brand’s link. This will help you convert leads into clients.

Why is it important to conduct blog outreach?

Blogging is among the top three primary forms of media used by content marketers today. And why not? Blogging pleases search engines, establishes you as an expert in your domain, builds audience trust, feeds the social media strategy, and generates leads.

This is probably why you have a website. Is your blog delivering the business results you want? If you’re still reading this, it is likely that your answer is negative. Customers’ trust is just as important as product quality or value. The survey also revealed that customers trust influencers more than brands and the content they provide.

Although blogging is a key part of many digital marketing strategies, it has become increasingly important to leverage it for brand promotion. The customer response to brand promotion efforts is changing. Businesses also have to contend with lots of competition, making it difficult for them to stand out and gain customer trust.

How to contact a blogger?

Many people have this question in their mind: How to reach out to bloggers? To help you out with this we made a list of tools that will assist you to find a blogger according to your requirements.

Popular Blogger Outreach Tools


Pitchbox is a highly recommended tool for outreaching and link prospecting. The platform interface is easy to use.


  • It Integrates with SEO companies such as Majestic, SEMRush, and Moz. This outreach software lets you find bloggers with potential based upon page and domain authority.
  • You can personalize your outreach emails and follow-ups by using built-in workflows that increase response rates.
  • This tool allows you to make data-driven decisions in your outreaching process.


Conducting outreach with a customized relationship-building strategy is a feature of Buzzstream.


  • This tool allows you to link-scrape on pages (for example, a BuzzSumo search result page) to create prospecting lists. You can save information to your account and contact website owners along the way. Or ignore bad ones.
  • A centralized database can organize contacts, including contact details, email templates, and notes, as well as RSS feeds.
  • This tool comes with advanced organizational features, such as link management and custom fields.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach allows marketers and influencer outreach to be successful. This tool allows you to automate and scale your outreach efforts with built-in analytics.


  • With a database of 25,000,000 contacts, it makes it easy to find influencers. The tool lets you search for keywords that will help you identify the most influential people in your niche.
  • You can automate your email workflow and save time with follow-up.
  • This tool has built-in CRM capabilities that allow you to import contacts and track their progress using one interface.


Scrunch’s data-driven audience platform makes it easy to identify the right influencers for your campaign. Scrunch has 20+ million profiles, including top bloggers, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram Influencers.


  • Finds and catalogues 20 million+ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube profiles. Searches by topic, hashtag, and location.
  • This tool saves searches and alerts you when new influencers are discovered in your niche.
  • Brand’s proprietary algorithm has been used to index billions of blog posts and blogs.

You can also contact any blogger outreach agency that will provide you with the best blogger outreach services and help you raise your business.

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