What are branded keywords and Branded search?

What are branded keywords?

Branded keywords, also known as a branded search is any query made via an engine that contains an identifier for your company brand, business or name like “Go Up”. The search can also contain other words as well, such as “Go Up agency or London Go Up’. In essence, a branded search incorporates your name and brand as a part of it.

Branded keywords are phrases or keywords that potential customers use to search for specific information about a company’s products and services.

They know the item is available in a company’s assortment of offerings. However, they still need more information to make a decision and compare it with other options.These are searches that occur close to conversions or that increase sales opportunities. They have high strategic importance for companies and should be properly managed and balanced with other keywords and phrases in the marketing funnel.


We are offering special products and delivery services. Keywords that are more specific or lower-funnel can be used to target search queries more effectively.

How important are branding keywords?

Because they make it easier for more people to find your business online, branded keywords are essential. Searches for non-branded keywords can be done by anyone, but search results from other companies may appear.

Are branded keywords worth it?

Pay-per-click marketing (PPC) is a great option for brand keywords. branded search,branded keywords,branding keywords,brand keywords,generic keywords,sales keywords,branded terms,brand keywords list,branding keywords listThey are relatively inexpensive, and visitors will be more likely to click on your ads and convert from them. Make sure your ads stand out

Branded keywords fall into the categories of targeted keywords. However various marketers make use of the correct combination of marketing keywords in order to reach the intended audience.

Keywords that are brand-named belong to the categories that comprise targeting keywords. However different marketers employ the correct mixture of marketing keywords to reach out to their target market. Although Generic keywords are more difficult to rank for since they have a greater per-month search volume than certain phrases.

How are branded keywords used?

To better explain the features of your website, plan your content strategy. Also, “own” search results pages to brand-focused keywords. You should identify the weak points in your product or service and then spot the obvious trend (e.g., A particular product line is more popular than others).

How to find branded keywords?

As we have shown, monitoring brand keywords is crucial for planning. How do you find them? These are our top tips!

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Use Google Alerts

Google is a great resource for keywords and relevance to your brand in SERPs. Google Alerts is a great way to get answers. 

This tool is free and will not search for terms that are related to your business. Instead, it will send you notifications when your brand is mentioned online, providing valuable insights.

Explore social media

For those searching for brand keywords, social media is a great resource. Twitter is one of the best tools to do these searches.Advanced Search allows you and your team the ability to search for exactly what you are looking for. You can personalize your search by specifying a phrase, words within the same phrase, or a specific term.

Use specific tools

You can also find them using certain tools, in addition to organic search for branded keywords. SproutSocial is one of these tools. It has a feature that will show you the terms relevant to your business. SEMRush and other tools can be used to enrich your searches.

How do branded keywords rank?

Sort the data to find out which other keyword phrases rank for the same page. These can be both brand and non-branded keywords. Analyze data such as Relevant keywords that rank in the top 10 positions. Google estimates the search volume for each keyword.

The benefits of using branded keywords in your marketing campaign

Google has reported the following: “On average, 50% of the ad clicks that occurred with a top rank organic result are incremental, i.e., they would not be recovered organically if the ad campaign is paused.”Similarly, Bing has reported it was found that having an advertisement and organic results at the top of the results generates on average 91% of clicks, while not having ads results in 60% of all clicks. Therefore, it is concluded that having a brand-related advertising campaign causes organic click share to decrease, but the amount of clicks on the website increases in general.

Brand-named keywords can improve engagement and conversion rates while allowing you to control the message your business sends out. While strong SEO and other elements can improve the general cost per click and conversion rate and increase your visibility, different strategies to boost your ranking should be considered. To help you determine the most effective method to use keywords for your business, get in touch for a free consultation with Workhorse.


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