0950 What Network
0950 What Network

0950 What Network? Check It Is Globe or Smart In Philippines

0950 What Network? Talk N’ Text or Smart own the numbers that begin with this prefix.

This article includes information about the Philippines’ 0950 networks. Since you are reading this, you are in the ideal and proper location to learn what cell network or sim provider prefix it is. If it is a Globe, Smart, or any other, you will find the 0950.

The number of SIM card providers in the Philippines has steadily risen over the past ten years due to the current technological trend. It’s getting increasingly more work to remember every prefix these organizations have as their number grows. This essay aims to help you understand network 0950, its significance, and the importance of knowing your mobile prefix.

0950 What Network?

What network does the 0950 belong to? Mobile phone numbers in the Philippines that begin at +63950 or 0950 are part of the Smart or Talk N Text network.

Smart Communications’ low-cost mobile service brand is called TNT (Talk N Text). It offers a wide selection of calling, texting, mobile internet, and other value-added services most customers will likely utilize.

Is 0950 globe or smart? 

Let’s check, 0950 what network philippines, is it globe or smart:

The Talk ‘N Text network registers the 0950 prefix in the Philippines. Prefixes are the first four (4) digits of each 11-digit mobile phone number in the Philippines, as was previously indicated. It acts as a network identification number for the user.

Known for its affordable bundles, Talk ‘N Text is a mobile service provided by Smart Communications that primarily serves the requirements of the Filipino people. TNT offers a variety of phone, text, mobile internet, and more value-added services. Here are some other Talk ‘N Text mobile phone prefixes.

How to Purchase Online Load Smart or TNT?

To buy Talk N Text load online, Android users can get their official app.

How to Check Your Talk N Text Load Balance?

Via Talk N Text APP

  • Get the Talk N Text Official Mobile APP.
  • Sign up your real and valid phone number in the mobile app.
  • Open the APP for more details about your mobile number, such as your current load balance and expiration date.

How do I contact a 0950 network?

Enter 0 and the recipient’s ten (10) digit phone number (09507654321) to send a message or dial a 0950 network. Replace the “0” with “+63” and the ten (10) digit number after it if you’re calling from outside the Philippines (for example, +639507654321).

However, calling a 0912 network outside the Philippines may result in international charges like 0936 Network.


In this article we check, 0950 what network? In the Philippines, technology is always evolving for greater functioning and uses. Every year, it gets bigger for itself.

Every year, more TNT or Smart subscribers sign up, which necessitates updating their prefixes.

80 million people were Smart or TNT subscribers as of 2023

The franchise has 66.8 million subscribers as of 2019, up 6.2 million from the previous year. Even though the pandemic has severely impacted us, this kind of service still exhibits quality.

What network is it at 09:50? To respond, 0950 is a Smart or TNT (Talk N Text) number.


Is TNT Smart or Globe?

Smart Communications’ TNT is a cell phone service in the Philippines.

How do you know if a number is smart?

The cell network is shown by the first four numbers of the phone number, which are 0916.

What is the mobile network in the Philippines?

Smart Communications and Globe Telecom are the two main cell phone companies in the Philippines.

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