What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat
What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat

What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat? – Meaning By Global Elix

If you’re thinking about What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat? it means “old news, bro.” This saying is often used to say that the subject being talked about is no longer essential or is well known.

It’s a way to say that shared information is not new or surprising. Like on many other social media sites, Tiktok, instagram. People use a lot of nicknames and slang to talk to each other quickly and easily.

But, like many other social media sites, Snapchat has slang and terms people use to talk to each other. People use shorthand to save time and get their points across quickly. ONB is just one example.

What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat?

What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat
What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat

Let’s know what does ONB mean on snapchat?

ONB mean on snapchat is  “On Bro” or “old news bro,” a word used to show that someone is honest or trustworthy. It comes from urban slang and is mainly used by teens and young adults.

People who say “ONB” mean that they are telling the truth or that what they say is essential to them. So, if a friend active on Snapchat tells a story that seems too good to be true, the other friend might add “ONB” at the end to clarify it.

what does ONB mean in texting and in Urban Dictionary

Urban Dictionary is a great source to find out what online slang words and phrases mean. By the way, the word ONB here has a different meaning. The meaning of “Outward nose breath” has not been changed yet because it is not widely used and understood.

The first thing the Urban Dictionary says about ONB is “On Bro.” It says that ONB stands for “On bro.” It can be used to talk to your friends or say, “OK, Bro.”

When used in the second way, ONB means “on blood.” This is more violent because it has to do with anger and disgust. Say something like, “I’ll beat them ONB.” Another one is “Old News B,” which is used to tell someone they’re not welcome if they write something already discussed in a group chat. That “b” is just a name for a friend. It doesn’t stand for anything.

Other Meanings Of ONB with examples

The ONB meaning on snapchat is “Outward Nose Breath,” “Old News Bro,” plus “Orange Is The New Black.” Here are some examples of how each of these meanings of ONB can be used.

Outward Nose Breath

ONB is a common acronym used in chat rooms and social media to refer to “Outward Nose Breath.” In this situation, ONB is a substitute for LOL (Laughing Out Loud). It is a way for the sender to convey amusement. For instance:

  • Toni: What do you call a fly that doesn’t have wings? Going for a walk!
  • Jo: ONB!

Old News Bro

ONB can also mean “Old News Bro.” It means the person who sent the message already knew what was said. ONB is often used to shut down someone talking about others or being rude.

  • Sam: Did you hear about Ali and Stevie?
  • Lee: ONB! You’ll be a jerk your whole life, so why not take the day off?

Orange Is The New Black

Fans of the popular Netflix series know that ONB is an abbreviation for “Orange Is the New Black.” For example:

  • Jordan: I feel like staying in and watching Netflix.
  • Chris asks: “Can we watch ONB?”


After reading our article, your mind is clear about What Does ONB Mean In Snapchat? Every day, users of Snapchat features shorten lengthy words by using existing acronyms and creating new ones. If you need clarification on any abbreviations, you just need to do some digging, and you will figure out what they stand for. Be careful not to ignore any abbreviations, or you risk missing out on any vital messages that your followers may have left for you.

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