How To See What You Reposted On Tiktok
How To See What You Reposted On Tiktok

How To See What You Reposted On Tiktok | Briefly Explained

TikTok is a popular social networking site with millions of members that has gained worldwide attention. It’s exciting and brief videos are a unique selling advantage. TikTok has many interactive elements with its For You page, effects, filters, duets, and an enormous music and sound collection. Among them, TikTok’s repost feature is one of its standout qualities. Users can share or repost videos from other users on their profiles using the Reposts on TikTok option.

We must first discuss how crucial it is to comprehend the repost feature. Is it equivalent to sharing? We’ll get there.

This blog’s primary goal is to help you figure out How To See What You Reposted On TikTok. We’ll also cover how to find out who shared your material as a bonus!

What does repost mean on TikTok?

Reposting is the act of sharing another user’s TikTok video. For your friends to see what you shared when they’re catching up on all the stuff from individuals they follow, you can report it so that it appears in their feeds. The idea is the same as uploading someone else’s photo to your Instagram stories or retweeting something on Twitter.

How To See What You Reposted On Tiktok

You should know How To See What You Reposted On Tiktok, not those of other users. There are only a few possibilities left for us now that it’s no longer possible to view TikTok’s Reposts. In any case, using them is simple and effective. Here is all your required information on “how to see videos you reposted on TikTok.”

When You’ve Saved the Reposts

The “Add to favorites” option on TikTok is the second-best choice now that the Repost tab has been removed. If you have saved TikToks when reposting them, this strategy is advantageous.

To view your TikTok reposts, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account on TikTok by opening the app on your phone. (If not already)
  • Click on your “Profile”  button from the menu that appears.
  • To open the favorites, tap the Bookmark icon now.
  • You can scroll down to see all of your reposts from there.

However, it can be challenging sometimes to go through all of the TikToks and look at each one. The alternative is better. In the favorites menu, you can create a collection called “Repost.” The Report tab’s best substitute is this method. To create a group on TikTok, follow these instructions:

  • Watch the video first before adding it to the Repost collection.
  • Then, hit the Bookmark icon (Add to Favorites) on the right.
  • In the notification that follows, tap “Manage.”
  • selecting “Create a new collection.”
  • If you don’t want to keep the collection private, you can turn on “Make public.”
  • Then select “Save.”

More details on creating and removing collections on TikTok may be found on YouTube.

If you repost films and put them in a collection, it will be simple for you to see your reposts. Additionally, bookmarks in your group make it simple for you to reach them. Therefore, you will notice the TikTok Repost tab.

Original videos created by others can be reposted, but they can also be deleted. You can locate the movie you’ve shared with your friends and take them down if you change your mind.

Reasons to See Your Reposts on TikTok

You may view videos that you reposted on TikTok for the following reasons:

  • When you keep track of old reposts, you can see how far and wide someone’s TikTok content has spread.
  • It helps you see if what you’re sharing is liked by the people who see it.
  • It also helps you find a TikTok and keep track of whether your fans like what they post. This will help when we work together again.
  • This also helps you figure out what your fans like so you can post things that fit their tastes.
  • It helps you delete any reshared post that led to a copyright infringement claim.
  • Lastly, it lets you undo or delete TikToks you no longer want to support or endorse. The Share button will give you the choice. When you share a video on TikTok, the share button turns into the Remove Repost button. Show up.

What are the benefits of reposting TikToks?

Reposting TikToks from other users is a great way to help other creators and make the platform feel more like a community. Reposting videos can increase engagement with your audience and excite your followers about the content you’re sharing. This keeps them interested in your growing business and, by extension, your original content. 

Finding TikToks to share with your audience is also an excellent way to stay up to date on new trends and get ideas for your work while also boosting other artists.

Wrapping up

TikTok took the world by storm, becoming the ideal place to make content. This is especially true if you want to make friends and get to know people. With a unique feature like reposting, TikTok is a great way to connect with people in different groups and reach a wider audience.

As part of your social marketing plan, keeping track of the content you share and the original content that has been reposted is essential. You’ll find some ways to do both on this blog, even when TikTok doesn’t show you the reports directly! Were you able to figure out how to see what you reposted on tiktok with our help? Let us know what you think!


How to un repost on tiktok?

  • Open the video that you want to remove from your list of reposts.
  • Choose the button in the bottom right corner that says “Share.”
  • You’ll now see a way to get rid of the repeat.
  • Make sure you want to get rid of your copy.

What happens when you repost a tiktok?

It only sends the video you reposted to the For You feeds of your friends.

How to see your reposts on tiktok?

Under “Interactions,” scroll down and tap “Post views.” Slide the switch for “Post view history” to the right from there.

How to repost on tiktok?

  • Bring up the TikTok video you want to share.
  • Reposting can be done by selecting the “Share” option (an arrow icon) from the right-hand menu.
  • If you’d like, you can add a comment to your repost, which will show up as a caption above the TikTok’s original owner’s username.

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