What is Meta Description in SEO | User Guide 2023

What is meta description?

The meta description is an HTML feature that offers a succinct overview of an internet page. Search engines like Google frequently exhibit the meta description in search results, which can affect click-through prices.If you forget to add meta description in your article then no meta description has been specified, search engines will display copy from the page instead.

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How to write meta descriptions?

There are two ways to write a meta description:

  • By using WordPress plugins Yoast SEO or Rankmath SEO
  • By adding code in the header section for example

                                           <head>  <meta name=”description”  content=”Seolearner is a digital marketing blog that helps you to get  ranking and marketing  detailed tutorials and tips to optimize your blog content”></head>

Length of meta description:

Seo meta description could be almost any length, but Google normally truncates snippets to ~155–160 characters and good meta descriptions have this length. It is ideal to maintain meta descriptions as long that they’re adequately descriptive, thus we urge descriptions involving 50–160 characters. Bear in mind that the”best” span will be different depending upon the circumstance, and your main goal must be to give value and push clicks.

Formate of meta Description:

Meta description tags, although not tied to hunt engine positions, are very critical in gaining user-friendliness from SERPs. These brief paragraphs are a webmaster’s chance to”promote” articles to searchers, and searchers’ opportunity to choose whether the content is more applicable and contains the exact information they’re searching on their search query.

A page’s meta description ought to (read: in a natural, energetic, non-spammy manner ) apply the keywords that the webpage is targeting, but also produce a persuasive description which a searcher is going to want to click. It ought to be directly related to the page it clarifies, and distinctive in the descriptions for different webpages. we should avoid adding duplicate meta descriptions, in this case, we can lose our rankings in google.

Google Updates:

Google announced in September of 2009 that meta descriptions meta key words variable into Google’s ranking algorithms for internet search. Meta descriptions may nevertheless impact a webpage’s CTR (click-through-rate) on Google that can favorably affect a page’s capability to rank. Because of this, amongst others, it is important to put some effort into meta tag descriptions.

The importance of Meta Description in SEO :

A meta description (sometimes known as a meta description feature or tag) is an HTML element that summarizes and describes the contents of the webpage for the sake of users and search engines. While meta information is not as crucial for SEO rankings as it was, the meta description nevertheless plays the main part in search-engine SEO.

Metadata best practices, you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what”meta description” implies, in addition to how to see your website’s meta description, and the way it affects traffic.
  • The best way to extract actual search worth from the meta description.

How Do we Compose Successful Meta Descriptions?

The best methods for generating good meta descriptions are much like people for writing good ad text:

  • Use researched, targeted keywords in your meta tag descriptions.
  • Ensure they are hyper-relevant to the content on every page; not use the identical meta description throughout your entire website.
  • Communicate urgency and benefits.
  • Compel users to click to revealing their worth and attractive to emotion.
  • Check to Be Certain your meta description is not too long using a SERP trailer tool
  • Learn how to maximize your natural CTR



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