Importance of Header tags in Search Engine Optimization| 2021

Header Tags SEO:

Here is a situation; you are writing a website and it is beginning to get just a small bit wordy.  It is starting to seem like a never ending flow of backup from paragraph format.  That is where you ought to stop and think…”Hmm… if I include a few headers in this site?”  And, the solution is obviously yes! You’ve likely used header tags previously.

However, According to seo best practices how can you know whether you’ve been using these tags properly as it pertains to SEO?  Why are headers significant in the realm of search?  And, how do we optimize them to the search engines?  Let us begin with the fundamentals.

Header Tags :

Well, to put it simply, header tags are HTML elements set to symbolize the”headers” on your copy. There are 6 distinct kinds of header tags — H1’s (top heading), H2’s, H3’s, H4’s, H5’s, and H6’s. H1 tags must function as the primary name of the webpage or website. H2’s – H6’s should function as sub-headers to the primary H1 on the page, everyone being less significant than the header above it.

Header Tags

Header tags create the page more readable and add structure to the backup on the page which makes it simpler for robots and humans alike to absorb the material.

Importance  of Optimization Header Tags in SEO:

Seo header tags play an important role in website ranking and user engagement. Consider header label usage as a means to highlight sections of a webpage very similar to paper headings that catch your attention and let you know exactly what you are going to read. The Googlebot (and other search engine spiders ) crawl your webpage and comprehend header tags to comprehend structure, priority, and relevance. These tags are highlighted to search spiders, and consequently, the replicate in header tags are somewhat more sensitive to search positions than the remainder of the copy onto the page. This makes a superb chance for keyword positioning and optimization of their consumer experience by breaking the material into a more readable format.

Use of Keywords in header tags/ header titles:

Since search spiders are hypersensitive to the best header components in your webpage, this is the ideal region to plug into your most important keywords and keyword phrases. Be certain that they are made in a means that reveals search intent.

Far too frequently, I will see a site or webpage and detect that the heading structure of the webpage is used to manipulate the design and dimensions of the text instead of utilizing it in a tactical, SEO concentrated way. That really is bad for SEO. Recall: Putting components on the webpage stick out to spiders, so having a heading label simply to make the page look fine is really damaging the odds of the page rank. Further seo headers can be optimized according to the following Do and Don’t Rules:

Do and Don’t in the header tags:


  • Must follow  the Sequence of headings H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6.
  • Use H1 only one time and you can use other headings more than one time.
  • Use of keywords in the headings.


  • Avoid the extra styling of the headings.
  • Avoid using H1 the second time.
  • Avoid hiding any heading tag.

Good Header Tags Are An Excellent Start:

It’s necessary to keep in mind that using nicely structured header tags might help users and search engines alike. Search engine spiders that crawl your site frequently are sensitive to these, so appropriate implementation of headers is a vital step towards appropriate search-engine SEO. This strategy coupled with other search engine optimization methods can help your website rank once it deserves to be discovered.

In case you’ve got specific questions regarding your site from a search engine optimization standpoint, we would be delighted to reply to SEO queries or provide advice about the best way best to implement a solid header tag approach to your own. Please contact us an email or click over to schedule an appointment with one of our search engine optimization experts.

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