what does kms mean on snapchat

what does kms mean on snapchat ?

The abbreviation used to describe “kill me” is “KMS.” It doesn’t mean suicide. It’s a dramatic twist of words, with an undercurrent of dread. “KMS” refers to Snapchat an expression for being angry on social media. In more extreme situations it could mean expressing feelings of sadness, anger sadness, or the threat of suicide.

KMS in Urban Dictionary

If you require an instant and precise definition of slang or even a invented word then using the Urban dictionary is the best option. The urban dictionary is beneficial for many as it allows grandparents to comprehend the language their children speak.

In both the world of reality and in the urban lexicon it is said that the meaning of KMS can be described as “kill me.” The urban dictionary in contrast offers an uninformed and rational explanation of the language. Parents must set boundaries on their children’s use of KMS slang. using KMS words in serious settings.

what does kms mean in snap ?

there are many kms meaning in snap chat some of them are following :

Kiss Me Silly

Km meaning in text  is “Kiss me gently” and it is used to indicate the desire for an over amount of lips-to-lip contact. In other words, depending on the situation you can make use of the expression “KMS” to indicate your desire to kiss continuously. This kms in text is pretty passionate, isn’t it?

Killing Me Softly 

when you use kms in text messages it means “Killing Me Softly”. The price of not taking this action however, is very significant. So, you’re left with the option of carrying the risk.Kill My Swag

“Kiss my A$$” may be substituted with Kill My Swag. A sarcastic tone or a way to express an “I don’t give a damn” attitude.

Do you spend time with a person who is constantly saying offensive things? I can see how it could be a bit unpleasant. If they try it again, inform them to use the word “KMS.”

FAQs on What Does KMS Mean on Snapchat?

What does ONG mean on Snapchat?

The acronym ONG is a reference to “on God” or “in the name of God.” It’s similar to saying “Oh My God” (OMG).

What does BP mean in Snapchat?

BP is “Beautiful People” on Snapchat.

What does PH mean on Snap?

PH is a Snapchat acronym that means People Here.

What does FR mean?

Real is a short form for Real An acronym which is then abbreviated to For Real. It is shortened to.

What does OG stand for?

This is the first gangster to be known or OG.

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