What does smh mean in snapchat

What Does SMH mean In Snapchat

SMH meaning in text is “Shaking My head” on Snapchat and other places across the Internet. 

This phrase is used to express disappointment, disapproval or frustration. Someone might write, “My plumbing has broken again.” This expression can be used to express genuine displeasure or exaggerated disapproval. Do you like anchovies in your pizza? The frustration in this example is portrayed as a joke, not a natural resentment.

The tone of your message will determine how you respond. Sometimes, sympathy or commiseration is the best choice. You might say, “Oh no!” or “I hate when that happens” or something similar. You can respond jokingly if you are being teased. Or you can hold your ground and disagree with their opinion.

Other SMH meaning

It is rare to hear “Shaking My Head” used differently, but occasionally it does happen. SMH is also used to express a different kind of disapproval. This disapproval is directed at inflammatory comments or posts on social media. This platform can be exhausting at times SMH.’

How to Reply to SMH on Snapchat?

The next step is to learn how to respond to the acronym. When you disagree or disapprove of someone’s statement, you can use SMH to express your disagreement. You can use the abbreviation SMH when you disagree with someone’s point of view, for example, if your Snapchat friend is angry at you.

Use the acronyms to soothe someone down or show sympathy. Please see the following examples:

Example 1:

When I saw you at a party without makeup, I thought you looked awful

You can answer: “SMH Minimal makeup is perfect for winter.”

Example 2:

I cannot believe Grace did this to me!

You can say, “SMH. I don’t know why she hurts everyone in class.”

Wrapping Up

Snapchat has been using acronyms for a long time. Acronyms help users to communicate more efficiently and understand their emotions. You have probably seen them on Snapchat or other social media platforms, and you will continue to see them.


Is SMH An Insult?

SMH is also known as the acronym for “eye-roll.” SMH can be used to express bemusement, disbelief and disappointment. It is what it is. You’re smart enough to detect insults in the text.

Why Should I Use SMH?

Slangs have replaced interjections. Internet acronyms and slang can save time while adding emotion to your text. As social media sites become more popular, young people are becoming more comfortable with abbreviations and slang. In the future, you might not be surprised if you receive a message that is only acronyms. To spice up your conversations without much effort, use acronyms such as SMH.

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