Difference between a Search Engine & an Answer Engine?

Difference between a Search Engine & an Answer Engine?

search google is very helpful or What comes to your mind when you hear the name of Google? As we talked about, Is Google a search engine? here we discuss whether Google is only a search engine in detail.

Google as a Search Engine

We previously discussed google as the largest company but if we talk about Google search then

Google isn’t just a search engine. Or we can say that Google does not wants to be a search engine only and people nowadays see how google becomes more than a search engine. If we take an example of a search engine, so what is a search engine? What is the purpose of a search engine?

When you search for something on a search engine then you will get a result from it or it brings a result for you. That absolutely the job of a search engine. Let’s suppose you search the name of a movie then it will display you the result of the movie. Similarly, if you search the name of a restaurant then it will display you the result of the restaurant. And just like that, it displays you all the results you search for.

Search Google as an Answer Engine

An answer engine has to answer because it wants to answer and become an answer engine. For example, you can ask a question from the answer engine, not only it will search but also find where the answers are available as well as try to answer the question. Like you search 2+2=? on a search engine, it will respond to you where 2+2 has written or happened. However, if you ask from an answer engine it will not just respond but also give you its answer 2+2=4. Google is trying to become an answer engine. It has almost become an answer engine. Its practical implementation is Google Assistant.

How to use google assistant:search google, google image search

When anyone talks with google assistant it replies. When you say something to it, it brings a result for you.

Tap here for a complete guide. How does it happen? You have seen on google how different results display on different queries.

Google started as a search engine but its ultimate goal is to become an answer engine. There will be a time when that happened you even ask nothing but it responds to you as you require. This time, when you ask anything to it, it answers you and we can say that answer the public. But when it answers you so it’s not just a search engine yet an answer engine. So google is a search and answer engine.

Let’s understand how it shows and change different results on different queries because it feels I am searching for something else and it reveals another thing.

Some examples:

  • Calculations: search google, answer engine

             Go to google.com and write 2+2 and you get result 4 because google answers it as an answer engine.

It not only displays 4 but also opens a calculator for any other calculation. This means it thinks I m doing calculations and I need a calculator for it and Google doesn’t want, you go on someone else’s site for working instead of it. It’s the simplest calculation but google also supports complex problems and equations.

  • Currency exchange:

For example, I have to check the currency exchange rates, like the conversion of the US dollar to Pakistani currency (USD to PKR) I will search on it. It will display me the current dollar rate as a result and a graph to show me the trend, that how much fluctuation is in the currency. I can expand the trend as I want. So this is another example in which Google displays me results with searches.

  • Actor:

Likewise, if you search ‘Fawad khan’, who is basically a famous actor. When it displays the result it not only shows Wikipedia’s result but also his pictures as google image search, biodata, and all the movies in which he worked. Along with it presents some other actors below in suggestions because it is thinking maybe you will search for some other actors too.

  • Place or location:

After that, I search for a place in Pakistan or any other country then it will provide some extra information about it. For example, if you search for K2. So information for K2 will different. it will show you Wikipedia results and videos as well as its height, properties, location, map, and pictures, etc. it also gives other similar places in a suggestion like Mount Everest, Nanga Parbat, etc.

As we are changing the query, google also changing its results. It doesn’t just collect the information although it shows facts and figures. Such as Eiffel Tower is a tower in Paris and you want to know its height. You search Eiffel tower height on it then Google will display its height exactly instead of taking you on Wikipedia, picture of Eiffel tower, location and with this, it suggests the height of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Empire state building in Newyork. It wants to answer your query directly as it knows your question is very simple.

Therefore these all are different ways with which it does not display results but also gives you answers. Hence it is trying to improve itself as an answer engine and understand you in a better way or produce answers for you.

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