Promote Your Youtube Videos With Google Adwords

5 Tips To Promote Your Youtube Videos With Google Adwords

With over 1 billion active users on YouTube, it has become an amazing hub for business and content creation. Google AdWords provides many ways in which you can promote your YouTube videos, get more YouTube views, and earn a good amount of revenue from it. Promoting products and services on YouTube allows you to communicate with your audience in a smoother way, and also enables you to talk more about your product and present it well in front of an audience. YouTube can be great for getting new visitors for your business as well as retaining the old ones through a consistent output of content. You can buy YouTube subscribers for more engagement too.

Earning views and revenue through an AdWords campaign might sound tough to you initially, but take it one step at a time and you are bound to see wonderfully positive results that can change the way your content works on YouTube.

Let’s get you started with the process of building an AdWords campaign immediately. Strap on your seatbelts, cause you are in for a ride!


We know that your content is great, but you need an audience behind your back to encourage you to keep creating content. You can’t build a YouTube channel just on ads, you need to give some free content and knowledge to retain your audience. You can use an AdWords campaign on top of this to get an additional boost for exposure. You will need an AdWords account for this. Signing up for one is free and you can link your YouTube account to it. Select the option of “New Campaign”, to start a new ad for your channel. You get two options in it – Brand Awareness and Reach and Product and Brand Consideration. 

After selecting the one that meets your goals, set your budget and set the rate at which you want your ad to be shown. Customize it in a way that your ad appears to only the interested audience that will be relevant to your channel growth.


For a single ad, you can create many ad groups. A group can have a bunch of videos you want to be promoted through ads. You can divide ad groups by the type of content you want to target with it, each ad can respond to specific keywords so that people who search for it are shown the ad. You can also divide them into in-stream or discovery ads, depending on what looks better for you. Try different ad campaigns before finalizing one, you need to see what brings in the most amount of exposure for you. Targeting done right can bring in a responsive audience that will engage with your content.


Now that you have created ad groups, it is time to customize each one so that they bring in more YouTube video views for your channel. Give your groups proper names to distinguish them from each other and also so that you can reuse them in the future, should the need arise. Enter the maximum CPV you are willing to pay every time a viewer clicks on your ad according to what your budget permits. Through the demographics area, you can control what age or gender you want your videos to target more, you can easily do this by looking at the kind of audience you already have. You can also customize the placement of your ad and you have many such options you can go through so that you get the maximum benefit for the amount of money you spend on ads.


Start adding the videos you want to promote as ads. After choosing the type of ad you want it to be – pick a photo that will appear in your ad. This can be the thumbnail you used for the video or some other appealing image. You also need to add a catchy title for that ad if it is going to be a discovery ad – you can go with the title you already have, or try to make it even better for the sake of the ad campaign. 


Look at the metrics available on your dashboard to see the results the ad is getting you. If you are not satisfied with some aspect of it, it is time to make some changes. Remove redundant keywords and tags that can hamper the analytics of the performance of the ad. The first few seconds of the ad should be able to capture the attention of the audience, after which it is a smooth flow and can get you more YouTube video views.


You can create excellent content for YouTube, but without the exposure, your enthusiasm for it will soon die down and you will forget it. To ensure that you get your due, a Google AdWords campaign can be a great addition to your YouTube strategy. If you buy YouTube subscribers and run an ad campaign simultaneously, you are going to see some amazing results. With the tactics in this article, you are completely armed to take YouTube by storm. Utilize the methods mentioned here and squeeze out the most engagement from your YouTube ad campaign.

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