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The most efficient PDF Compressor makes it easy to reduce file size of large PDFs to smaller and more manageable size. PDF is a short form as the Portable Document Format. It was developed to appear identically across any device, which makes it the perfect type for sharing documents and working with laptops and PCs. Additionally, PDFs are secure and simple to edit and can be used on a variety of operating systems and hardware.

However, if you include graphics or images in PDFs the file’s size could quickly grow. This makes it difficult to share and use PDFs, whether on your personal computer, through email, or via collaboration platforms. To avoid this issue it is necessary to compress PDF file and decrease the size of the file.

How to reduce PDF file size? Luckily, it is an easy task using PDF Compressor software. These programs will take the original file and reduce it down to a tiny fraction of the size it was originally. The compressed PDFs can be distributed to clients, colleagues or stored on cloud storage servers to ensure their safekeeping.

Top 6 PDF Compressor

This guide outlines the top PDF compressor and will help you choose the best one for your needs.

1- EasePDF

EasePDF offers a clear and concise interface. It has an extremely rich menu of functions and would inform you exactly how to use it. The designs are all essential to be used and are not redundant. It allows inter-conversion between PDF and various formats, as well as fPDF merging, splitting, and editing.

Features for batch compression are beneficial for those who must manage a lot of massive PDF files every day. What draws the most attention is the ability to select the compression level that fits your needs best. The greater the number, the more efficient the compression.

It’s amazing that all your uploaded files are secured and won’t be transferred to other platforms since they’re protected with encryption of 256 bits SSL encryption.


  • Batch PDF compression
  • The level of compression can be adjusted
  • Drag and drop easy to use the feature
  • Inter-conversion between multiple formats.
  • Guarantee of security
  • Supports editing, splitting, and merging PDF files.

2- Ashampoo PDF Pro 2


Ashampoo PDF Pro 2 is the ultimate solution to manage and edit PDF files. It has everything you require to create, convert, edit and merge your PDFs. Make perfectly-sized PDFs that can be read by any device, and utilize encryption to secure your intellectual property when required. PDFs are now just as editable just like Word documents!

This compress pdf tool will make it simpler to rearrange and delete pages or crop or rotate PDF pages. It also permits you to insert additional pages to other PDF documents. It also provides the capability of encryption to secure the document. Documents will be secured with 128 bit AES encryption.


  • Editing and creating interactive forms.
  • Comparing two PDFs side by side
  • Snapshot function
  • Auto-repair feature

3- HiPDF


HiPDF is a no-cost PDF compressor online tool. With HiPDF online PDF compression software’s assistance, you can compress PDF online and reduce size of PDF. This tool for compressing PDF is not a requirement of payment. Anyone from any area is able to use this tool without any restrictions. This PDF compressor makes files extremely small. It makes it easy to share files on the internet and then send them as attachments.


  • File Security Guaranteed
  • Free PDF Compressor
  • Supports Multiple Browsers
  • Low File Size Compression

4- Smallpdf Compress PDF Online


The vibrant theme color scheme of Smallpdf leaves a lasting impression on its users, as does the PDF compressing tool. Through enhancing the smoothness of PDF analysis and compression procedure users can reduce time spent when they need to get a large number of PDFs all compressed. Furthermore, Smallpdf also brings different compression levels that can reduce the size of PDFs in line with. The intuitive interface is simple for anyone to use, even those with green fingers.


  • Simple interface, no unattractive ads
  • Automatic file cleanup that removes your PDF from the server
  • You can upload files that are 5GB or more
  • All platforms are supported

5- PDF Candy Compress PDF


PDF Candy is also a basic but efficient online PDF compressor tool that needs you to upload PDF files and the server will begin to compress them automatically for you. This pdf size reducer online simplifies all processes and lets users quickly master the feature directly to begin the PDF compression process. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a skilled user, PDF Candy will be the best choice for you.


  • Reduce PDFs to an even smaller size by using optional compression levels
  • Secure compression that protects the privacy
  • Rapid speed to upload, compress and download PDF
  • Various languages supported
  • Desktop version available for Windows

6- FonePaw PDF Compressor


FonePaw Online PDF Compressor (opens new window)is totally available for use at no cost. There is no limit to the number of PDF files or the size of files it can compress. There is no requirement to register or sign in to use the online compression.

This compressor is able to reduce the PDF file size by as much as 85 percent without sacrificing quality. It reduces PDF files for uploading on the internet or sending emails, but still maintains excellent quality for printing or zooming.

To reduce pdf size online with this tool simply start this PDF converter and then click Add PDF File, then select the file or you can drag and drop a PDF file to the compressor. The PDF file will be automatically uploaded and compressed.


  • The highest compression ratio, without sacrificing quality.
  • Completely free to use and no restriction on the number of compressions or size.
  • You don’t need to sign-up or download anything
  • Supported by all major browsers running on Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices;
  • Protect your PDF files.


One of the main problems with using online PDF reducer is the risk that your personal details in the PDF file can be read by other users. Actually, many PDF compression tools online provided through legitimate sites are secure to use. They will not store your PDF files nor transfer them to other platforms. But, you must be wary of websites that offer PDF compression software that is packed with advertisements, which could contain malicious links, which aren’t safe for your PC.

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