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Finding the perfect English grammar checker software is an undertaking task. If you have a large workload, you can’t do it manually, such as checking blogs, emails, lengthy blog posts or documentation, and so on.

If you’re just beginning your business the budget restrictions make it difficult to get a team of professionals even for correcting minor grammar errors. To assist you in finding the most effective free solutions, to help you automate your grammar check. 

What Is The Best Grammar Checker?

We have put together the best grammar checker free tools.

1. Grammarly

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Grammarly is a powerful free online grammar checker tool that provides tools to enhance your writing. It’s a writing tool that is with you everywhere you write.

This tool for proofreading checks your work and recommends corrections for grammar or Abbreviations mistakes. It also provides a reason for these corrections, it will help you to improve your writing by examining the mistakes you made. The free version will assist you correct spelling mistakes and basic grammar mistakes and can be sufficient for novice writers.

Grammarly grammar checker premium is able to spot the most sophisticated grammar and punctuation errors and spelling mistakes that are contextual. It offers suggestions for improvement on sentence structures, word selection and readability. Grammarly is by far one of the most popular free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector tools available.

Premium plans: 

Monthly –  $19.99 per month

Annual – $149.76 Per year


  • Easy and clean interface for users
  • Unlimited plagiarism checks using Grammarly Premium
  • The flexibility of various formats


  • Adjustments can take a while
  • This tool does not always work perfectly
  • Starts lagging while editing the larger sizes of text
  • Only works with the English language

2. Ginger

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Next on our list of online Grammar checker tools is Ginger. Ginger has a spell-checker as well as an online proofreading tool. The first tool is focused more on grammar and spelling checks.

The contextual spell checker determines the spelling correction that is best suited to the intent of the initial sentence. It does not just improve your writing abilities, but can also increase productivity.

Ginger can be used as a browser extension Microsoft Word/Outlook integration Android/iOS, Windows app, or directly from their website. It is recommended to look for odd verbs/adverbs, confusing words as well as misspellings and grammar rules.

Premium plans: 

Monthly –  $13.99 per month

Annual – $89.88 Per year


  • It is possible to activate and deactivate a website, just like Grammarly
  • Spell check in browsers and editor
  • Very similar to Grammarly
  • You can choose between US or UK English


  • Not as user-friendly as its rivals
  • This program is not able to work offline
  • It’s only programmed to offer mistake correction
  • It is able to spot mistakes, but it may not be able to find them all
  • No browser extension for Firefox

3. ProWritingAid

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ProWritingAid was founded in 2012. This Grammar Checker software acts as a virtual grammar and writing tutor and an individual writing coach.

It is possible to download a desktop application of this tool that works on Mac, Windows as well as install the plug-in to your web browser. ProWritingAid also has Word as well as Google Docs plugins.

You can install the browser extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari to verify the content you write on every site that you want to, such as Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Wattpad.

You can copy and paste text, then look for spelling and grammar mistakes using an online editor. Alternatively, you can upload a file containing your written work.

Premium plans: 

Monthly –  $20 per month

Annual – $79 Per year


  • It is an Affordable tool
  • Accurate and precise
  • This tool generates Powerful self-editing reports


  • Works a little Slower than Grammarly
  • Is not available in the mobile version 

4. Outwrite 

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Outwrite, an artificial intelligence-enabled plagiarism and grammar checking tool that uses advanced spelling, grammar and rephrasing tips to enhance how you write.

This free grammar checker is accessible online as a web-based application which means you can log in from any web browser, but there’s not a desktop version. Outwrite has extensions that work with Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs and is also available as a mobile app, which is currently available only on iOS.

One of the most effective Outwrite options is their AI Eloquence Engine. It analyzes your text and provides suggestions for improving the quality of your writing by removing erroneous words, simplifying sentences and avoiding passive voice. The Pro plan includes an extremely effective Plagiarism Checker that allows you to run 50 checks per month.

Premium plans: 

Monthly –  $24.95 per month

Annual – $119.4 Per year


  • It tracks statistics on your writing including the level of your writing reading level, word count, reading comprehension.
  • The detection of plagiarism ensures that your writing is original.
  • AI-powered tool for proofreading.
  • Enhances fluency, efficiency as well as clarity in writing using Grad Proofs Eloquence Engine.


  • The free version is limited.
  • Only allow 50 checks per month

5. Hemingway 

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Last on the list of best grammar checker online tools is Emingway Editor. It is an effective tool for writers looking to improve their writing to a higher level of refinement. The grammar tool strives for simpler and more clear sentence construction.

When you input any text you want to enter into the program, it categorizes phrases as “hard to read” or “very hard to read” to simplify complicated sentences to make them easier for readers. More than just a tool for grammar improvement, Hemingway is a writing style checker that allows you to write more readable and interesting text.

Premium plans: 

The desktop version is available at  $19.99 for a lifetime


  • The online version is available for free
  • The desktop version lets you write effectively
  • While writing, it instantly warns you about difficult or complicated sentences.
  • The word count is not limited; this is a huge benefit for content writers.
  • The punctuation checker and spelling checker are both great.


  • Not as effective as other grammar checker tools
  • No plagiarism checker, fancy reports etc


Importance of Grammar Checker Tools

The majority of academic writing is accurate, objective and organized. They also employ formal language. Thus making use of an online tool for checking grammar that can examine your grammar and spelling to submit to an academic journal allows you to easily comply with the requirements of final publication. There is a rising demand for tools to inspect papers to enforce standards like the correct language and better grammar for every field of study, along with guidelines for academic journal styles and word count limits. Additionally, online grammar checker tools should offer accurate assistance in writing for academic English written work, scientific terms as well as scientific expression and readiness for publication.

Note ! This is also available in portuguese and Spanish.


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