How To Get 500 Followers On Instagram using 4 methods

Getting more followers or likes on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram means you can have the opportunity to earn money. If you are struggling as a new content creator to get followers and looking for how to get 500 followers on Instagram, don’t worry there are many ways you can achieve that. Let’s get started. 

You can get 500 followers on Instagram by using the following methods:

  1. By posting Insta reels
  2. By sticking to a single niche
  3. By using third-party apps
  4. By using proper hashtags


How to get 500 followers on Instagram through reels

The reel is Instagram’s new feature and it really helps you to get more audience on your Instagram account. 

By posting reels frequently you will notice that you are gaining followers. The key is to schedule your reel and stay consistent in posting your reels.


How to gain 500 followers on Instagram by sticking to a single niche

Here is how to gain 500 followers on Instagram by sticking to a single niche

Sticking to a niche not only brings a cohesive vibe to your account but also helps you gain more followers. Select a single niche and upload posts only related to this niche.

If you are crazy about music, post about new albums, singers, and concerts. If you are interested in cooking then only upload about food and recipes. Don’t try to merge more than one niche as it will make your account look cluttered and irrelevant.


How to get 500 followers on Instagram using third-party apps

Using a third-party app for the Instagram app is also a way of getting more audience to your Instagram account. They will help you get organic and genuine followers. 

You can enter hashtags while searching the followers and they will give you followers related to their niche. You have to spend your coins and purchase the followers. 

The coins can be earned by doing simple tasks such as liking posts. You can also purchase these coins with real money and then spend them to buy followers.


How to get 500 followers on Instagram using proper hashtags

Proper and relevant hashtags usage can put your content in front of thousands of eyes and help you get more followers. They also make your account look organized and professional.

You can observe the hashtags of influencers, who share the same niche with you. Pick hashtags from their posts. This strategy will make your post get more views and ultimately you will get more followers.



Hope my guide on how to get 500 followers on Instagram will be useful for you. With this guide you can get more than 500 followers on Instagram. If you have any other methods in mind to gain 500 followers on Instagram, please share with us in the comments section. 


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