What is the Wordle and how to play it?

What is wordle game? It’s nothing but a viral gaming phenomenon, which exploded from nowhere at the beginning of 2022 to become the world’s favourite new word game.

If you spend time on Twitter, you’ll have probably seen it. There, people share the grid of yellow squares and green squares representing today’s Wordle Answer and their success in guessing it.

Please continue reading to learn more about Wordle and all you need to know about it.

What is wordle?

Wordle is a simple game, but it has numerous standout characteristics that set it apart from the competition. They are as follows:

  • You can only do one puzzle each day.
  • Everyone is working on the same puzzle.
  • It’s simple to publish your game on social media without giving away the answer.

How to play Wordle?

Now, if you’re wondering how to play Wordle?

As a user, your task would be to guess a five-letter word presented on the screen. You will have a total of six attempts to solve the problem. As you guess each try, the algorithm will tell you which of your picked letters is in the ultimate goal word and if they are in the proper location. And you keep guessing to finish the puzzle. Remember, you only have six chances.

Where to play Wordle?

Wordle does not have a mobile app. It would help if you used a web browser to play it. You must go to the New York Times Games website and start playing.

Though the game was originally hosted on the Wordle website by its inventor, Josh Wordle, it was finally purchased by the New York Times in February of this year. The nicest part about Wordle is that there are no advertisements to distract you from your guessing game.

Tips and tricks

If you’re a word game purist, you might want to avoid the following advice and trust your judgement. Here are some suggestions that you could find useful if you’re one of the people who are tired of seeing grey boxes.

Selecting the first word: Perhaps the most important word is the first. Pick a term with three vowels and five distinct letters to make the most of your opening gambit. Oration, media, and radio are a few examples. For some reason, I constantly say “adieu.” I won’t give up since it’s a habit.

I recently read an intriguing essay by Tyler Glaiel, a programmer and game designer who sought to identify the ideal first word. Everyone should start their Wordle sentences with the word “roate.” Please read the entire piece; it’s excellent.

Don’t reuse greys: The Wordle board has a keypad at the bottom that indicates which letters are green, yellow, and grey. Reusing letters that came up grey should be avoided. Yes, it does seem clear. However, coming up with five-letter words that don’t include letters you’ve already tried might take some time and effort. That work will be fruitful.

When you’re out of letters to attempt on word four or five, it becomes more difficult when letters might occur twice. However, letters frequently recur, as evidenced by the fact that words like cool, sissy, and ferry were formerly the right responses.

Who made Wordle?

Developer Josh Wardle, a person you may know, was the brains behind the Reddit projects The Button and Place, both brilliant — and brilliantly simple — experiments in internet behaviour. Wordle was also created by Josh Wardle, the brains behind the Reddit projects The Button and Place.

When did Wordle start?

Before lockdown, when Wardle revived the project for his spouse, who enjoys puzzles, Wordle was established by him back in 2013. Although it was introduced to the wild in October 2021, its popularity peaked in January 2022.

The first game was played on June 19, 2021, according to the HTML code of Wordle, which can be examined to reveal all of the answers and the game’s beginning date. CIGAR was the first puzzle, not #1, but #0. Since Wordle turns one today, I’ve devised a list of five things it could do better to keep us playing for another year (and beyond).

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