Which Of The Following Is True Of Unclassified Information
Which Of The Following Is True Of Unclassified Information

Which Of The Following Is True Of Unclassified Information?

Knowing how data is classified in information security is essential to establishing reliable safeguards.

This environment includes many unclassified data, yet misunderstandings regarding its nature and management might result in security holes.

Which of the following is true of unclassified information?

a) It should be shared openly on social media.

b) It requires the highest level of security protection.

c) It may still contain sensitive or confidential data.

d) It is exempt from cybersecurity regulations.

The Correct Answer: C) It may still contain sensitive or confidential data

What is Unclassified Information?

Information or data that is not subject to executive order protection is referred to as unclassified information. It lacks a security classification designation like “Top Secret,” “Secret,” or “Confidential” as a result.

Unclassified information is at the lowest degree of control in the hierarchy of information sensitivity and classification. Unclassified information is not the same as being freely accessible to the public or appropriate for unfettered publication despite its designation.


Despite what most people think, unclassified information differs from public information that can be shared easily on social media sites.

The correct answer, (C), emphasizes a crucial aspect of unclassified information. It could still have private or secret information on it. Organizations must understand that even if information isn’t confidential, it may still be sensitive and must be kept safe. This kind of information could include private business data, personal information about employees, or financial data not available to the public.

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As information protection changes, it’s essential to understand how to classify data deeply. Even though information isn’t marked as secret, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be kept safe.

The correct answer stresses the importance of being aware of how sensitive unclassified information could be. It encourages people and businesses to take the proper security steps to stop unauthorized access and lower possible risks.


Which of the following is true of unclassified information?

In 2023, this is true about public information: It is not subject to any security classification.

Which of the following is true of unclassified controlled information?

The actual statement is that CUI is unclassified information that needs to be kept safe and controlled from getting out.

Which of the following statements is proper cyber awareness 2023?

This is true about being aware of cyber threats in 2023: Cybersecurity threats have decreased significantly.

Which is the best practice for protecting controlled unclassified information in 2023?

The most effective method for safeguarding Unclassified and Controlled Information (CUI) is to store it in a locked desk drawer after working hours.

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