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Download WhatsApp Aero and Top 5 Alternatives

WhatsApp is a widely used texting service. Try WhatsApp Aero, though, if you’d like something more customizable than what WhatsApp offers. This article will explain how to download WhatsApp Aero and the five best alternatives of Aero WhatsApp.

Overview of WhatsApp Aero

The upgraded version of WhatsApp, called WhatsApp Aero, includes capabilities not seen in the original program. Google didn’t create it, and it isn’t available on the Play Store. Users of WhatsApp Aero can access personalized themes, privacy controls, blocking someone on WhatsApp without them knowing and much more. Aero WhatsApp is also frequently updated for the benefit of users.

Download WhatsApp Aero APK

Follow these instructions to download WhatsApp Aero:

  1. Remove the original version of WhatsApp from your phone
  2. Go to WhatsApp Aero
  3. Download the most recent WhatsApp Aero version
  4. To install the app, allow “Unknown Sources” in your device’s settings when the download is finished
  5. After that, unpack and install the WhatsApp Aero APK file you already downloaded
  6. Launch WhatsApp Aero after entering your phone number to start using it

Alternatives of WhatsApp Aero

Here are some of the best alternatives to Whatsapp Aero: 

WhatsApp in GB 

GB One of the most well-known modded versions of WhatsApp offers users extra personalization options and capabilities not included in the original application. Key features include the ability to send large files up to 50 MB in size and to hide last scene, statuses, and blue ticks. With this altered version of WhatsApp Aero, users may also design their own unique themes, manage several accounts on a single device, and plan messages in advance.


Another alternative to Whatsapp Aero is YoWhatsApp. This refined WhatsApp modification offers a wide range of customization options and features. Users may change the interface’s colors and themes, conceal online status, blue and double ticks, and send messages to unsaved numbers. They can also access files up to 700 MB in size, which is far higher than the original app’s 16 MB restriction. Other noteworthy features include the ability to design unique stickers, manage several accounts on a single device, and schedule messages in advance.

FM WhatsApp

FM WhatsApp is a cutting-edge WhatsApp mod that provides several customization and feature options. Users can personalize the interface with their themes, hide last seen and blue ticks, send files up to 1 GB in size, recall sent messages, use multiple accounts simultaneously on one device, and schedule messages. Additionally, it has anti-ban protection, which helps users avoid being banned by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Plus 

WhatsApp Plus is a well-liked mod that gives users access to a variety of functions and opportunities for customization. It allows users to transfer larger files up to 50 MB, conceal last scene, blue ticks, and online status, change the interface’s themes and colors, and hide typing/recording status and anti-delete warnings. With this mod, users can simultaneously use numerous WhatsApp accounts on a single smartphone.

OG WhatsApp

OG WhatsApp is a WhatsApp mod that gives users access to a number of features not found in the original app, including the ability to customize the app’s interface with various themes and colors, hide last scenes, blue ticks, and online status, send larger files up to 100 MB, and send dual accounts on a single device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WhatsApp Aero?

With new themes, fonts, emojis, privacy/security settings, and other features not present in the original application, WhatsApp Aero is an improved version of the well-known messaging service WhatsApp.

What features does WhatsApp Aero offer?

Numerous features and customizability options are available in WhatsApp Aero, including new themes, typefaces, emoticons, and privacy/security settings. The option to modify the app’s design, hide last seen/read receipts, and send larger files up to 1GB in size are a few of the features. Additionally, you can lock your chats using a fingerprint scanner or a password for added security.

Is WhatsApp Aero free to use?

Yes, WhatsApp Aero can be downloaded and used on an Android device without cost. To log in, you will need an active phone number, as with all WhatsApp accounts, and your mobile provider may charge you for data consumption. In addition, some program features would need to be unlocked by payment or membership fees.

Is WhatsApp Aero safe to use?

WhatsApp Aero is generally regarded as secure if obtained from a reputable source, even though it is not an official app or one WhatsApp endorses. However, using any modified version of WhatsApp still carries the risk of having your account suspended by WhatsApp and jeopardizing device security.


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