what happens when you mute someone on whatsapp

What happens when you mute someone on whatsapp?

There are pros and cons to using the most popular cross-platform messaging application. You have the assurance that everybody you know is on WhatsApp. You also run the risk of being bombarded with irrelevant messages. WhatsApp allows you to ‘Mute” your most irritating contacts, giving you peace of mind.

This article will explain what it really means to muting someone on whatsapp. So Let’s start without further delay.

What Happens When You Mute Someone on WhatsApp?

Muted whatsapp can be the best way to get away from them. You can still send messages to someone you muted on WhatsApp. They will also be able to see your status/last seen and your profile picture.

when you mute someone on whatsapp, You won’t receive any notice from the person who sent you a message. Only when you open WhatsApp will you see the messages of that person. Because they have a crossed-out speaker icon, you’ll be able to identify the person you muted.

Remember that even if you muted in whatsapp, you still receive notifications whenever they send a message to a group. It will be as though you had never muted them. You won’t receive any muted notification if they send you a message directly. You will not send a message to the muted person to let them know they were muted.

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