what does pushing p mean

What does pushing p mean? – Definition, Origin, Example

If you’re on social media, you’ve probably come across the phrase “pushing P,” coupled with a blue capitalized “P” emoji and you would be wondering what does pushing p mean? And if you are in search of this answer, Then you are in the right place.

pushing p meaning is that it can be described as a colloquial term for acting professionally and stylishly while demonstrating and keeping success. (similar to the slang words making it a game and maintaining the authenticity). It is also known as pushin P or pushin’.

For example, if Someone who is loyal to themselves and to their friends and still enjoys an impressive amount of wealth and success (as evident by the luxury items or lifestyle) is considered to be pushing p.

Pushing p example sentences

  • You’re pushing p yourself in a difficult position to the max if you try your best to master English.
  • It’s not p to spend your time watching randomly uploaded videos online for hours at a time.
  • You’re pushing p if you are in love with yourself!

Is there more than one meaning to pushing p?

pushing p can be synonymous with “hustling” and pursuing large amounts of money in certain contexts and drawing inspiration from the earlier use of “P” as a word to refer to money. “Pushing” means pushing — i.e., creating money in this instance.

“P doesn’t just indicate the player,” Gunna clarified. P is also a reference to the paper. Paper is a great way to make this “P.”

For instance, “We are pushing bare P this year” could reference the desire to earn quite a bit of money in the coming year.

However, there is an important difference between “kicking P” and “moving P.” Kicking P is, according to Gunna, not quite so laudable.

You’re kicking P, if you’re going to hire this shit [a fancy home]. But if you purchase and own this shit, you’re pushing P. You’re squandering your hard-earned cash. You are pressing it. You’re standing on this nonsense. You’re spending millions of dollars on it. You’re going too far.”

This suggests that pushing P has an expansive and flexible meaning. This allows you to express your ideas creatively without worrying about offending anyone else. Remember that you are supposed to push, not kick P.

what does pushin p mean in rap culture?

While it was thought for a long time have originated in Texas and the San Francisco Bay Area, it is now resurfacing in the mainstream rap scene due to the album by Gunna DS4EVER. The song is a collaboration with Gunna with Future (and includes Young Thug); Gunna is mainly acknowledged for having popularized the term, although he acknowledges that he didn’t invent the term.

Other personalities and companies have also adopted the idea: IHOP tweeted, “We’re always pushing pancakes,” and Gunna replied, “IHOP Pushin P.”

The phrase even made it to Nike’s headquarters, as Nike’s sports apparel label Tweeting, “We had an internal meeting, and without getting into specifics, we’re pushin’ P (with the p emoji) all year.”

In true Kardashian style, Kim K nodded to the slang expression by sharing a bikini photo of her with the caption “Beach Party” and the letter “P” replaced by the “p” emoji in Instagram. Gunna agreed with using his name by sharing the photo via his Instagram story and adding “Capital P!!” as the caption.

You can be sure that the term will be circulating within the rap world for a time, and we’ll undoubtedly see more innovative ways to make P.

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