What are the 4 Ps of Marketing? Detailed Guide 2021

What Are the 4 Ps of Marketing?

Marketing is a four-step process or let’s say 4p strategy. The 4Ps of marketing are the most critical aspects that affect the promotion of a good or service. 4p marketing strategy includes the price, product as well as location, and promotion of a product or service. Sometimes referred to as the 4Ps of marketing mix, The 4 Ps of marketing are influenced by external and internal influences within the business context and interact with each other.

Four Ps of marketing can be employed by businesses to determine important aspects of their business, such as the needs of consumers, what they can do to ensure your product can or doesn’t meet these requirements and how your product/service is perceived by others in the world and how they differentiate themselves from their competition and how they interact with their clients.

History of the 4 Ps of Marketing

The 4 Ps model, in its current version, was first suggested in the year 1960 in the 1960s by E. Jerome McCarthy, who presented them as an organizational framework that included analysis of consumer behavior, market study, market segmentation, and planning. Phillip Kotler popularised this approach and contributed to the spread of the model of the 4 Ps of marketing.

The 4Ps Model

There are four Ps that are: the product (the product or service) and the price (what consumers pay) and the place (the area where the product is advertised), and promotion (the marketing).

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The First P in the 4 Ps of marketing stands for Product. A product is a good or service that can satisfy a consumer’s wants or needs. It is also defined as a set of services that includes physical elements like design, quantity or brand name. The nature of the product influences its value perception and allows businesses to charge it competitively. Additionally, it affects other aspects like product placement and advertising.

Companies’ packaging can be changed warranty, after-sales service, and pricing range or enter new markets to meet their goals. Marketers must be aware of the product’s life-cycle and develop strategies for each stage, i.e., introduction maturation, growth, and decline.


The second P in the 4 Ps of marketing stands for price. The cost of a product directly affects sales volumes and, as a result, the business’s profits. Cost, demand, price variations among competitors, and the regulations of the government are critical factors in determining the price. Pricing usually reflects the perceived value of the product and not its actual value. It is because prices could be increased to increase exclusivity or cut to give access.

Pricing involves making decisions based on the entire cost, discount prices, price adjustments, and freight payment terms, credit terms, and so on. It is essential to consider whether and when methods like discounting are needed or even appropriate.     


Promotion is the third P in the 4 ps of marketing. Promotion is the process of making decisions involving salesforce, direct advertising marketing, public relations, advertising budgets, and so on. The main goal of promotional activities is to increase awareness of the products and services provided by a company. It aids in convincing customers to select a specific product over other products on the market. The following promotional efforts are included:

  • Advertising: The process to sell an item, service, or concept through the use of the message of a sponsor, which is not personal about the thing.
  • Public relations: Control and management for the circulation and substance of information that an organization provides to the public at large or to other institutions.
  • Marketing strategy: This involves determining the best market to target and then using techniques like advertising to get into the market. The promotion also applies online elements like deciding the type of search features on Google which could trigger similar or targeted advertisements for the product or service, the layout, and design of a site’s website, or the content published on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.


The fourth pillar of the 4ps of marketing in place. In many cases, you’ll hear marketers say that marketing is about offering the right product at the right price in the right location and at the right moment. It is crucial to consider what the most effective areas are for converting potential customers into actual customers. Even in cases where the actual transaction does not take place on the internet, the first place that potential customers are engaged and converted is on the internet.

Importance of 4 Ps of Marketing

The 4Ps of Marketing, also known as the Product Mix, are among the most popular and well-known theories of marketing. 4ps marketing aids marketers to develop an effective marketing strategy that is focused on all major aspects that are connected to product pricing distribution and promotional actions. To succeed in the market, every company must ensure the product they sell is top quality and is able to meet the expectations of the customer and more.

Pricing strategy plays an essential to success. Based on the position, the price has to be positioned as reasonable or high-end. When the item is of the highest quality and is priced at an affordable price, but is not accessible to the targeted segment, sales will not happen, so distribution is the next step of the marketing puzzle. In the end, if you do not make people aware of the product, the plan is not complete.

Let’s say that the company introduces a new soft drink within the United States competing with other brands at a low cost, but there is no marketing or public awareness in key cities such as New York, LA, Washington etc. Then it is difficult for the targeted audience to be aware of the product.

The 4 Ps of marketing or the mix of products becomes crucial in helping put all the four components to develop a winning plan.

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