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How to undo on mac in easy way

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working with computers is the ability to undo in mac from any errors you make swiftly. It’s the same for any Undos that you make by accident.

How to undo on MacBook? We’re here to show you all the methods you’ll need to carry out these tasks to fix any mistakes you commit on your Mac immediately after they occur.

How to undo on mac Using Your Keyboard

If you’d like to undo on keyboard, use the undo keyboard shortcut Command+Z on the Mac keyboard. This is similar to selecting Edit > Undo from the bar menu. (It’s also similar to pressing Ctrl+Z on a Windows computer.)

undo on mac

How to undo something on MacBook Using the Menu Bar?

Most Mac applications have a standard location for the Undo command on the menu bar, making it accessible. If you peek at the menu bar, you’ll find words like Edit and File. Edit. When you click on one of those words, it will trigger the pull-down menu to show additional options. The Undo option is typically found within the Edit menu. However, it could be found in other apps.

Here’s how to undo something on mac by using the Menu bar

1. Click Edit in the bar menu.

undo on mac

2. Click Undo Typing. (In certain apps, the message may read Undo, Undo Move, or something similar, depending on the action you took.)

undo on mac

3. The most recent action you made within your app is erased.

undo on mac

4. To undo more, click Edit > Undo again.

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