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Top 5 best Social Media Platforms For Marketing in 2023

Best social media platforms for marketing in 2022

Why is social media marketing important? If you’re a veteran marketing professional on social media, a marketing professional who is looking for social media platforms for marketing to get into social media marketing, as well as a company owner who wants to take advantage of the power of social media, it’s important to be aware of the most popular social media platforms. This will help you increase your reach for your brand on social media, interact with the right individuals and meet your goals on social media.

Of course, it’s not solely concerning the amount of social media websites. It’s also about whether the social media website is an appropriate fit for your company and your needs. Does it match your image as a brand? Does your audience use the social media platform? What number of social media platforms are you able to manage simultaneously?

I did some research and put together details about the 5 most popular social media websites in the year 2022. Certain are likely to already be the norm, while others may be unfamiliar to you. It’s worth taking the time to read more about the various social media platforms that could be ideal for your business.

Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Marketing

What are the best social media platforms for marketing? Following are the top social media marketing website that you must use: 


Facebook is by far the most used social network around the globe and no doubt that it is still one of the best social media platforms for marketing. It is boasting more than 2 billion users. In the end, it is possible to find everyone on Facebook as long as they’re connected to the Internet. So, almost everyone within your customer base has at least one Facebook account, which is the reason Facebook is a popular social media platform for businesses.

With its vast audience, Facebook gives you the possibility of turning your client base into the community. You can post behind-the-scenes photos at your business, brand special offers on your products and more, by setting up your own Facebook page. It takes only just a few minutes to set up your page. Once you’ve uploaded images, you can start to contact Facebook users to ask for followers.

Questions, contests, photos, videos, contests, and other posts that are short work extremely great on Facebook. You can also make texts to keep your fans informed. However, they’ll not work like your photos or videos. You can also make use of your Facebook to announce the new content you’ve made to draw people to your website.


YouTube is the primary social media platform for a video which has a dominant position in the marketplace, holding second place in monthly active users with 2 billion.

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The potential reach of YouTube is unmatched, with 73 percent of US users using YouTube. The numbers are too impressive to ignore.

YouTube has a large audience across all different age groups. It’s especially difficult to reach the elderly demographic, with 38 percent of US adult users making use of the platform, which is second only in popularity to Facebook.

YouTube is a wide range of media, from gaming, beauty education to DIY home improvement. It is the ideal platform that the majority of brands invest in, and video is the most popular medium for marketing via content.


In 2009, for two ex-Yahoo! employees, the original purpose of WhatsApp was not to create an instant message (IM) application; however, it was to display “statuses” next to the names of every entry in the address book of a user’s.

“At some point, it sort of became instant messaging,” Alex Fishman, a close friend of Koum’s founder Jan Koum, told Forbes.

This improbable development led to that app dominating the unpaid IM market. It would also make the app’s founders very rich – this is due to Facebook’s acquisition of $16 billion in 2014.

WhatsApp is among the only three social media platforms that have an active user base of more than 2 billion. This is a mark that was reached in 2020. The app’s rapid growth has been inspiring, with the most recent billion users signing up in just four years!


Pinterest is a fantastic source for businesses. With more than 500 million monthly active users (the majority of which are women), it’s a market vital to all kinds of companies. Pinterest is a very visual app that lets users save photos or videos to “pins” on an array of mood boards.

People visit Pinterest to find inspiration for everything from fashion to home decor. This is an excellent opportunity for your company to reach people who are looking to purchase.

According to Pinterest, shoppers who use the platform spend an average of 80% more than shoppers who use other platforms and also have larger baskets of 40% size. To take these stats to your advantage, you should create a company profile and begin using the features that are built into them, like Pinterest advertising and analytics.


Has TikTok become one of the top social media platforms for marketing? Instagram has held the top place in the majority of social marketers’ minds for the past couple of years. It was growing at the fastest rate with the highest ROI from investment (depending on the industry you’re in), and (bonus) was pretty enjoyable to hang out with. But all that is changing.

TikTok reached 1 billion users in September 2021. It was the 7th largest social media platform worldwide.

If you do not include the messaging platforms, TikTok is the 4th most popular social media platform, following Instagram.


This is the list of best social media platforms for marketing. Hope it will help you with your successful social media campaigns. 

Many people might be wondering if they should invest the time and money to develop an effective social media marketing campaign. If they’ve already spent the time to create their email marketing strategy, What’s the point of adding more?

Yes. In fact, the integration of social media marketing into your email marketing strategy is essential in these times.

It’s estimated that around 3.2 billion people are using social media every day. Many of them don’t only follow their families and friends; they follow brands too. 

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