SEO Product Manager, As A New Profession

SEO Product Manager, As A New Profession

The profession of an SEO specialist is a link between search engines and business. It has transformed over time. It all started with adding keywords to the body of the page, later work was added on indexing sites in search engines and content SEO with a focus on solving user problems. And not so long ago, a product approach began to be applied in the field of SEO: solving problems for both users and businesses. A new level specialist has become in demand and that is an SEO Product manager.

Let’s analyze who an SEO Product manager is, how he differs from an SEO specialist, how to become an SEO product manager, and what advantages he has in career growth. We learn every day. Every day new information, new work, and new tasks make our brains get tired faster than ever. Anytime you are tired, you can always chill and rest. Play slots games at PlayAmo NZ and your tiredness will vanish.  

SEO Trends

SEO specialist helps the company make friends with the site’s search engines. Thereby the engine is increasing the number of site visitors and sales. A search engine optimization specialist helps the user get an answer to his question. In the ideal case, an SEO specialist solves his problem.

Trends in SEO are often related to updating search engine algorithms or innovations for users. So, in 2022, trends have shifted even more towards the development of various web products and services. Search engines focus on mobile users and page types. Search engines understand what the user needs, and the product approach in marketing is smoothly merging into SEO trends.

SEO Product Manager 

It is no coincidence that the name of the new specialty is a product, not a project. SEO product managers focus on the simultaneous solution of business and user problems. It is important not only for the business to make a profit but also for the user to close their question.

The main task of an SEO Product manager is to determine the value and purpose of SEO in a company. He is very close to the ideology of search engines. It is to do for people. The SEO Product manager is the link between the SEO specialists and the product team. The specialist is at the center of all events and enters the product creation process at the idea level.

The SEO Product manager usually defines values and goals at the company level. Influences the release of products and helps to determine what product is in demand by users and in what format they want to consume it.

He also conducts qualitative and quantitative research. Not only determines what the changes will do for SEO. Also, measures how the changes affect users and the company’s goals. 

The manager defines SEO metrics and projects them into product metrics. Helps in achieving product goals, using the full power of SEO. Knows how to focus on search traffic and query positions, as well as determine behavioral metrics that are important for search engines, such as the rate of reads or scrolls, recycling, conversions, and bounces.

He drives the release of its own products or influences changes in current products for better user experience based on search insights.

Moreover, he connects SEO specialists with the rest of the team. Communicates the importance and culture of SEO to colleagues. Helps to think in terms of product realization.

In Conclusion

An SEO Product manager is a highly focused Product manager that helps launch or modify products based on search insights and research. SEO PM is clearly focused on user requests and tries to provide them with the most convenient format for interaction. The main goal of such specialists is not to re-optimize the page for search engines, but to make everything consistent.

An SEO product manager works at the intersection of business, marketing – more SEO – and development.

An SEO specialist and an SEO Product manager differ minimally in search engine optimization skills, but fundamentally in product competencies: research, data-driven approach, team management, and more.

One of the main requirements for SEO PM is to be indifferent to the desires of users and businesses. Ask yourself questions: “Why am I doing this?” and “What will it give?”.

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