What is SEO Certification? Top 5 SEO Certifications

SEO Certification

Search engine optimization is a highly sought-after profession that connects organizations with customers and audiences.

SEO, in a nutshell, is the practice of increasing website traffic through organic search results. Not just any traffic, qualified traffic is required. It doesn’t matter how many people visit your site; it won’t make a difference if they don’t want to learn more.

It’s no surprise that 64% of marketers are keen to learn digital marketing techniques, given the importance of SEO. Unfortunately, there are no courses or SEO degrees available. 

It is not easy to get the right training for SEO. There are many skills required for Google SEO Certifications. Take a look at the State and Future of Content Marketing 2019 Global Report. A mix of skills is required to be proficient in content marketing. These include social media, strategy, and analytics, as well as marketing. Soft skills (such as leadership, deadline respect, written communication) are also required.

What is Search Engine Optimization Certification?

Google SEO certifications are an education in search engine optimization. It is then evaluated through testing to ensure that a person is industry-recognized on key points and SEO best practices. Thus, the best certification validates knowledge and credentials.

Are Google SEO Certifications worth it?

It’s not for the certification (which, as we’ll see, isn’t worth it). However, the best certification has the real benefit of teaching you SEO in a structured manner. This makes learning much faster than just reading blog posts and watching random YouTube videos.

Is it worth the effort to obtain Google SEO certifications? It depends on your experience and client success. You can probably do without having lots of SEO experience, clients, and a proven optimization success story.

A structured SEO program taught by industry experts that demonstrates your understanding and is valid for updating your skills is a good option if you’re starting or improving your current qualifications.

It is unnecessary to have an SEO certificate as a specialist to add it to your LinkedIn profile. However, if you’re looking to improve your skills and networks with other professionals, this is a great way to market yourself to potential clients and employers.

Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Certifications

  1. SEMrush Academy (SEO)
  2. Udemy – SEO: Complete SEO Training 
  3. The SEO Playbook
  4. SEO Training Course by Moz (Blog)
  5. HubSpot Free SEO Crash Course 2021

1- SEMrush Academy (SEO Certification) 

SEMrush Academy offers some of the best SEO courses. It is evident in many courses, ranging from SEO to content marketing and competitor research. We’re only focusing on the SEO course. Even so, the courses offered are extensive. It also provides a variety of the best IT certifications.

Every course follows a standard structure. Each topic is broken down into smaller topics so that you can dive deeper into each section step by step. Everything is organized simply.

After completing a lesson, you will watch a video lasting between three to six minutes, read up on the topic, and take a quick quiz. It all adds up. The SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course comprises 14 lessons and takes around four hours to complete.

The videos can get tedious after a while. For example, some videos just have one person talking all the time. You can also skip them if necessary. You can skip them by clicking the Recap section at the bottom.

These courses don’t just focus on SEO. Some courses are focused on SEMrush. It is a big plus for subscribers or those who plan to become one. It will ensure that you get the best out of your subscription.

You’ll have a clear view of all aspects of SEO. But, this is more than just a guide to SEO. You’ll be able to keep up with all the latest trends through advanced information. But, it would have been nice to have more practice.

The structure of the other courses (such as Yoast SEO training) at SEMrush Academy is very similar to the Google SEO certifications. Therefore, after going through the entire course, you should predict what you can expect from each one.

2- Udemy (Google SEO Certifications)  

You can get SEO training covering 40 amazing SEO factors that will rank #1 on Google. Do you feel like you want to learn the 13 technical SEO elements?

You are in the right spot!

Udemy offers a super-comprehensive and affordable SEO course online. Learn how to rank #1 in Google Search with WordPress and become an SEO master who can bring more organic traffic from all search engines. Here you can also get the best certifications for different courses.

However, there are two requirements.

It is not an introductory class. You will need to be familiar with the basics of SEO.

  • Do you not know them?
  • Need some clues?
  • Take a look at our SEO Posts!
  • What is the other requirement?

A WordPress website is required to be able to use plugins. This course is legal. It has more than 30.000 students and over 3.100 positive reviews.

Price :

This course might be right for you at $14.99 (price includes discount). It gives you the following perks:

  • 21 articles
  • Access for life
  • On-demand video for 9.5 hours
  • Assignments
  • You can brag about this excellent certificate of completion

So what are you waiting for? Join the course and get your search engine optimization certification!

3- The SEO Playbook (Google SEO Certifications) 

The SEO Playbook is one of the most comprehensive and actionable SEO training programs you will find online.

This course is for intermediate-to-advanced SEO professionals. It walks them through proven methods to increase organic traffic, leads, and sales.

You can see the students who have used the training by visiting the course page.

  1. After signing up, you can land new clients within days
  2. Find the critical gaps in agency processes
  3. Organic traffic rapidly grows
  4. Expand your service offerings and learn new skills

This course is unique because you can watch Robbie Richards implement the course material in real business situations.

Robbie will show you how to create a technical content audit for an affiliate website selling wedding products. Robbie will also help you to create a keyword research document for an eCommerce store selling beard products.

There are many more.

Students have access to a private Slack group where Robbie and nearly 200 other SEO professionals are available.

Here are some examples of the things you will learn in the course

  • More than 100+ videos of over-the-shoulder training (and growing)
  • Pre-built templates in 20+ formats to make implementation easy
  • 50+ step by step process documents
  • Robbie’s behind-the-scenes look at how he analyzes real businesses
  • A private Slack group for marketing professionals
  • Access to ALL playbook content for life

I recommend The SEO Playbook if you are looking for SEO training that will equip you with the necessary tools and processes to train your employees, outsource SEO tasks, land clients, or develop valuable skills.


Only $497

4- SEO Training Course by Moz (Blog)/ (SEO Certification) 

Get SEO certified! Moz SEO Certification will provide you with the foundational knowledge that you need to implement on SEO projects. Moz is the most trusted source of SEO knowledge. 

These are the best places to find SEO training and courses. Join multiple classes to learn about keyword research, SEO site audits, On-Page SEO and Link Building, and reporting on SEO. You can even get customized SEO training.

What does this mean?

It means that you can build an SEO team, and Moz will offer them customized training. In addition, you can now have multi-day training events via webinar or live at Moz headquarters.

It will allow you to create your SEO team in-house.


There are many tutorials, training, and courses. Prices can therefore vary.

It is possible to pay as little or as much as $99 and as high as $595. And Moz SEO certification is worth it!

5- HubSpot SEO Certification (Free Course 2021)

Unlike Moz certification, you can get search engine optimization certification from Hubspot for free. The best SEO course at Hubspot consists of three lessons and 15 videos. In addition, two quizzes will test your knowledge so you can get SEO certified.

Hubspot SEO certification Training Course includes information on how to develop an SEO strategy, how to scale your link-building efforts, and how to select authority topics and build authority. It also teaches you how to use blogging to improve your Google Search rankings. In addition, HubSpot offers certificates in Content marketing and Inbound marketing.

This SEO course can be taken for free. It is likely a fair price. Although you will get an overview of SEO and some introductions to high-level concepts, this course is not overwhelming. You may have more questions than answers.

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