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Reasons of Samsung TV dark screen and how to prevent it

Your vision isn’t improving; however, your Samsung TV probably seems less luminous and darker during certain daytime hours. This feature is built-in to reduce energy use and enhance the viewing experience. What are the reasons for Samsung TV dark screen?

One of the main reasons that your Samsung TV too dark  is likely due to its Ambient Light Detection feature. You can turn off this feature if you do not need it. You can also alter the resolution, display, and lighting by using the settings of your TV to prevent samsung TV dark screen.

How Can I Turn Off the Ambient Light Detection Function?

If you would like the screen of your TV to remain uniform, you can switch off the Ambient Light Detection function to avoid samsung tv dark screen. It’s largely based on when your TV was built.

For TVs made before 2016:

  1. Switch on your TV.
  2. Navigate to the TV’s settings.
  3. Tap “Eco Solution.”
  4. Choose “Eco Sensor.”
  5. Select “On” or “Off.”

For TVs made after 2017:

  1. Turn on your TV.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Choose “General.”
  4. Select “Ambient Light Detection.”

From this point, you can toggle this feature on and off using the on-screen slider.

Other Options for the solution

1. Adjust the Samsung TV brightness

If you’ve turned off Ambient Light Detection and still your Samsung TV too dark and not content with the brightness of your TV, then you need to adjust the brightness settings. The brightness setting controls the amount of light the TV’s light source emits. If your samsung tv screen is dark, It could be because your brightness settings are too low.

To prevent samsung tv dark picture, Then try experimenting with the brightness to find out what you like best for your particular environment. The more you increase the number of pixels, the higher your intelligence, and the more bright your screen will appear.

To change the brightness of your TV, use your remote to select Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > Brightness.

Hint: If you’re outdoors in the bright sun, it’s essential to have more light to watch TV!

There could be a setting that is referred to as “Backlight.” Backlight is a kind of brightness, and you would have to adjust this with intelligence to find the best combination.

2. Adjust the contrast

It is important to note that brightness (and Backlight) are only one part of the puzzle. Contrast is what binds it all. One of the main reasons why picture is dark on samsung TV could be because of the contrast. It is the proportion of the brightest to the darkest area across the monitor. A high level of difference can be problematic because it mixes the blacks and whites, giving an overall dark-looking appearance.

Extreme contrast shows the black and white colors in the middle. There isn’t any shading.

Ultimately, it’s best to test the contrast levels to see the results. The higher the contrast, the greater the contrast between dark and light.

Grab your remote and choose Settings > Picture > Expert Settings > Contrast to change the contrast.

You can utilize more contrast in extremely dark spaces since you aren’t pushing the TV’s capabilities in terms of how bright it needs to be.

3. Picture mode

One of the reasons why your Samsung TV too dark is because of the picture mode. Different picture modes are not similar or have the same goal. Therefore, it is essential to choose the correct model to enjoy the most optimal experience on TV.

The options available on the Samsung TV include,

  • Standard: The picture mode is selected by default. It’s the most suitable for most of the views. If your space is bright, it could cause a dim viewing experience.
  • Dynamic: It is a dark picture mode. If you’re dealing with dark screens, it is possible to select this option.
  • Movie: This mode is specifically designed to play films in darkness. It will look highly dark under bright lighting and in normal usage.
  • Natural: This has been created to provide an enjoyable experience when you intend to watch TV for an extended period.

4. Energy-saving mode

An energy-saving mode built into many Samsung TVs helps conserve energy. On the other hand, the brightness and visual quality are reduced. To brighten your screen, if you see the energy star logo, go to image mode and select standard rather than energy saving.

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