PimEyes Face Search Engine – Features, Pricing & How to Use

PimEyes is a face search engine that scans the Internet for pictures of people with specific faces. PimEyes com uses face recognition search tools to do a reverse image search. Look for a face and see where the picture shows up online. 

What is PimEyes? 


PimEyes is an online facial recognition search engines powered by AI. It uses machine learning and face recognition to help users find pictures online with faces that look like the ones they share.

It’s USP Deep look feature, a paid service that lets users look for images backward, and PimEyes free’ Alert feature, which lets users know when new pictures of them are found. 

The face recognition in PimEyes is rapid and accurate. People can try out the service by putting a picture of their face in the search engine. In a flash, the search engine will look through the Internet and show you the results. Some results are shown in the free search, so people who want to see more must pay a monthly fee.

PimEyes free can be used for purposes such as: 

  • Face search
  • Finding the image source
  • Deleting images from public results

Key Features of PimEyes com

  • Face Search Engine: Face recognition is used for a reverse picture search.
  • Privacy Protection: Users can use this tool to see where their pictures are online and choose to hide them from PimEyes’ public search results.
  • PimEyes’ Alerts: This enables users to receive email notifications when new images featuring their faces are detected and to set alerts using PimEyes com’ Alerts.
  • Erase Your Photo: Through legal DMCA and GDPR Takedown Notices, PimEyes free users can get rid of unwanted pictures from outside websites for good.

How PimEyes Face can help you

PimEyes is a face search engine that looks through the Internet for pictures of people with specific faces. PimEyes uses face recognition search tools to do a reverse image search.

Look for a face and see where the picture shows up online. No one will know that you used our face finder to look for a face. You can look by picture with a facial recognition online system.

PimEyes is a search engine for photos and faces that anyone can use. It is a great way to check for copyright violations.

How Does PimEyes Face Search Work?


PimEyes com is very simple and easy to use. In this way:

  • If a user types a picture into a search bar, 
  • It is first looked at and rated. 
  • Then, the search engine’s algorithms look through the database for exact photos or pictures with the same parts. 
  • Last, the pictures from the database and the file sent are compared one last time, and the results are shown. 

PimEyes uses an array of modern technologies for search images:

Image Fingerprinting 

An “image fingerprint” technique is used in reverse image search comparison. The connection using an actual fingerprint is reliable. It’s unique information about what’s in the picture (like a pattern of lines on your finger), but it’s expressed in precise, algorithm-understandable parameters rather than words. It is important to remember that only algorithms can decode these parameters; people cannot. 

Machine Learning Algorithms

The investigation of image fingerprinting leads us to the following technological feature: the interplay between machine learning and reverse image search technologies. The learning process of the algorithms depends on machine learning. Algorithms are trained to “see” items in photographs using this technology.

String and Image Search 

These two categories of search mechanisms can be considered alternatives, but in many cases, they serve as supplemental services. The most often used search method is string, which lets users conduct word searches. This one is what we can call a “text search.” “Image search,” which stands for the opposite image search method, is the alternate option that search engines use. 

Is PimEyes Free?


You can use the PimEyes Face search engine on their official website, www.pimeyes.com, for free. You are limited to three searches each day. Nevertheless, each search costs $14.99 to identify the image source. 

PimEyes also has three main subscription plans:

Plan 1: Open Plus 

You can pick the Open Plus plan for more PimEyes face search choices. It costs $300.70 a year or $29.99 a month. You can do up to 25 backward image searches a day, and each one will show you where the picture came from. In addition, you can set up up to three PimEyes Alerts and get help with the app.

Plan 2: PROtect

It costs $39.99 a month or $383.90 a year for the PROtect plan. All the good things about the Open Plus plan are there, plus 15 Pimeyes. com alerts. Using DMCA/GDPR Takedown Notices, you can also get professional help to report and remove images from websites and search results.

Plan 3: Advanced

People who are well-known and want to keep an eye on their online profile should get the Advanced plan. It costs $3,004.70 a year or $299.99 a month. You can search as much as you want daily, see where the results came from and set up 500 PimEyes Alerts. 

The plan also comes with Deep Search, which lets you do more thorough and accurate reverse picture searches in the platform’s index. You can also save the results of your picture search as PDF or CSV files.

PimEyes APK

With the PimEyes mod apk app, you may search online for images of specific people using facial recognition and reverse image search tools.

Download PimEyes mod Apk

By clicking the links below, you can download the PimEyes APK mod. This will start downloading the files needed to update your facial recognition software. Be advised that depending on the speed of your internet connection, the download may take some time.

For Free Download: Click Here

How to Use PimEyes?

Here are the steps you need to take to get started with free PimEyes: 

  • Go to www pimeyes.com. Use your smartphone or PC to log in. For your Android smartphone, you can also download the PimEyes Apk. 
  • The ‘Sign up’ button can create a new account. 
  • Upload an image or enter the URL to search for your images after registering. 
  • PimEyes com will show results if a match is identified for the supplied face or image in a matter of seconds. 

Pros and Cons of PimEyes


  • Advanced facial recognition capabilities
  • Reverse image search tool
  • Free search options upto 3/per day
  • PpimEyes .com Alerts


  • Expensive subscription plans
  • Privacy issues

Some PimEyes Alternative

We found 5 PimEyes free alternative:

  • Google Lens 
  • Yandex.Images 
  • PicTriev
  • TinyEye
  • SauceNao


PimEyes is one of the most well-known and AI tools for recognizing faces. We were impressed by how many features and advanced functions it had. 

Even though it might be bad for privacy, we’d still give this tool 4.1/5 for its advanced features. But the prices should have been a little lower. 

Overall, we suggest this online reverse image search tool to people who fear their faces could be used illegally for fraud and identity theft. 


Is PimEyes safe?

Yes, Searching with PimEyes .com is safe and protected.

What is PimEyes?

PimEyes is a face search engine that looks through the Internet for pictures of people with specific faces.

Is Pimeyes Legal?

Yes, Legal inquiries and lawsuits have been filed by PimEyes in Europe and the US.

How does Pimeyes work?

PimEyes enables you to find your face online by enhancing a reverse image search technique with Pimeyes face recognition technology.

Is PimEyes free?

No, PimEyes is a subscription-based service.

Is there a free version of PimEyes?

No, PimEyes .com has three main subscription plans.

How do you use PimEyes in the US?

  • Upload a photo: Upload an image of yourself and look for pictures that feature your face. 
  • Access results: Get to the websites that your results came from, which have pictures of you and links to the source images. 
  • Set an alert *.
  • Erase your photo.

Can Google do a facial recognition search?

You can quickly look up images using keywords or even complete a reverse facial recognition search using Google Image Search.

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