mpow h10 wireless

MPOW H10 Wireless Headphones – Complete Review of Specifications

The popularity of Bluetooth-equipped gadgets is growing quickly. Wireless options are replacing mics, headsets, and even other wired gadgets. Wireless technology can provide a comfortable and less stressful experience for users. This is why major companies regularly launch modern, high-quality Bluetooth devices.

Over the past few years, every major Bluetooth headset manufacturer has launched new models, trying to dominate the market. Mpow H10 is one of them. The Mpow H10 wireless model headset is a prime illustration of an extremely advanced and efficient headset.

mpow h10 wireless

Additional Information

Brand Mpow 
Model   H10 Dual Mic ANC headphones
Bluetooth Version 4.1+EDR
Bluetooth Clip CSR8635
Operation Range    10m (33ft)
Talking Time 18-25 Hours 
Playing Time   18-25 Hours
Charging Time   About 3 Hours
Playing Time(ANC?ON)   12 Hours
Playing Time(ANC?OFF)    20-25 Hours
Battery Capacity 3.7V/500mAh   
Charging oltage DC 5V ±0.25V
Noise Reduction Level -25dB Frequency
Range   20~20000 Hz
Feature   ANC  Active Noise Cancelling Headphones


Mpow h10 wireless come inside a soft bag in plain packaging, a micro-USB charge cord, and a 3.5 mm audio cable. The package also includes a brief tutorial on how to use the device. The adaptor for an airplane is not provided.

They’re quite lightweight for over-ears due to their folding construction. If folded, their dimensions are 170x130x80 mm. When they are opened, their length is 200 millimeters. They weigh 243 grams. Overall, they’re only a little bigger than the H5 counterparts. It folds down much smaller than the collapsible Taotronics.

The gunmetal finish that mpow headphone is famous for is visible on the earphones. While they don’t have the H5’s super-glossy finish, the smooth, soft polycarbonate allows fingerprints to be easily seen. The construction is good enough. An extremely satisfying click as you take each ear cup off feels like you’ve damaged everything it touches in a way, and the earcups made of plastic and headband are of a similar low-end experience.

Mpow H10 wireless headphones Complete Review


The MPOW Headphones isn’t special with regard to sound quality, however it has hi-fi quality sound and a more high-quality deep bass. Its sound is crisp and perfect for the common consumer, but those who are a true audiophile might not be satisfied. The  Mpow wireless headset noise cancellation feature can block out up to 90 per cent of background noise.

The MPOW H10 dual-mic noise cancelling headphones don’t do the best job for what they offer those awards belong to the Bose QComfort 35 II. However, they can have a decent job at keeping out background sounds. With a life expectancy of 30 hours and a Wireless ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones are great for long flights or a car journey.


It is the  h10 wireless, similar to the MPOW H12 headphones, feature the earcups made of memory foam for optimal comfort when using them, because they conform to the form of the wearer’s ear. Similar to the MPOW H12 the headband can be adjusted according to your body shape and release any tension that may be trapped in the ears cushions.The Noise-cancelling function can be activated by pressing an earpiece button located on the left earcup marked “ANC.” A recharge port is provided in case the battery goes its way. A audio cable is another possibility.

mpow h10 wireless

The MPow h10 wireless appears to be a little flimsy and appears as if a few slacks were cut in the context of the quality of construction or material used for its price. It’s not easy to create an impression that the MPOW10 is robust due to its use of tough plastic. They are safe when you do not throw them around. The good news is that they is possible to fold them up to make it easy to transport.


The mpow headphones review shows that the headphones provide excellent quality for money especially if you don’t want or have the money to shell out hundreds of dollars for Sony’s WH1000XM3 noise cancelling headphones. Comparatively to the typical set of headphones their sound quality is acceptable and the noise cancellation functions are outstanding. Additionally, they’re very compact and lightweight and therefore moving them around is an easy task.


The wireless Mpow h10 wireless headphones feature a microphone with extended frequency of high and low which can alter speech. So, in a peaceful atmosphere, the clarity of speech may be reduced. The device has an average of 11.2 dB ratio of speech to noise in its class of gadget. It’s suggested to utilize the device in a peaceful setting.

Wireless capabilities as well as high-quality sound do not just justify the price. The headphones offer excellent sound quality, however they allow some noise to escape when they are played at high volumes. This can cause your music to appear muddy, and even distract the other employees.

Sound Quality

MPOW H10 Wireless headphones have remarkable range as well as excellent audio quality. Listen to podcasts or music free of background noise with the latest noise reduction technology. These headphones employ SBC 16-bit 48kHz coding.

The headphones have a variable bass boost that can allow you to fine tune the sound enjoyment. Your crystal-clear transmission of phone calls is ensured thanks to the built-in microphone.

Connectivity and Controls

With Bluetooth 5.0, the Mpow H10 Wireless headphones are more connected and endurance. They are compatible with all gadgets such as tablets to phones and desktops. In order to regulate the volume, or stop the music with out taking off your smartphone, these headphones feature simple control buttons.

Noise Cancellation

They have great sound isolation. It ensures that you will not be interrupted while listening to your music. In the course of a call, they reduce the background noise to 28 decibels.They are also equipped with built-in microphones into their structure, which allows conversations to be clearly heard even in loud environments.

Battery Life and Charging

Mpow headphones come with a rechargeable battery with a maximum playback period that is 12 hours. Apart from listening to music in a hurry and easily, they are fully charged in a short time. It can take around 2.2 hours to fill them up.

Pros and Cons of the Mpow H10 wireless headphones:

The wireless Mpow headphones are top-of-the-line. They’re lightweight, cheap, and offer high-quality sound. But, a few aspects must be considered before making a purchase. We will review the advantages and disadvantages of the Mpow headphones.


  • Mobile and easy to carry
  • The wires won’t become tangled, so you’ll have a chance to unwind.
  • Superb acoustic quality
  • Wearing it comfortably


  • Costs are more expensive than conventional wireless models.
  • They aren’t as durable as their wired counterparts


The Mpow H10 Wireless is an excellent headset that will not break the budget. The headset’s shaky construction is its biggest flaw. However, this will be changed very soon. One of the top models priced in the market, The headset offers excellent noise canceling and is simple to operate.

Once fully powered, the headset can remain in use for Twenty hours, making it the market leader regarding battery life. With around USD 65, mpow headphones is a great value. This headset is an excellent choice for people on less of a budget.

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