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10 Best Mobile App Marketing Strategies for Acquiring New Users

Nearly everyone using a smartphone uses mobile applications. The accessibility of mobile applications has led many software developers to develop mobile applications. What this means is yearly, there are millions of applications created. You may get these apps on your Android or iOS device. Developers ensure they use security certificates on their applications. Doing this makes the users of their application assured that the code they receive is not tampered.

Developing a mobile application and making it accessible for download is one thing. Acquiring new users for the application and retaining existing ones is another thing. Getting more users has led to mobile application developers looking for mobile app marketing.

What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing aims to engage with your app’s users at every point of its lifespan. It begins when users discover your app for the first time and ends when they download and use it frequently. It is crucial to identify your target audience. Where to find the audience, how to interact with them, and what they want from your app to accomplish this effectively. Doing so can lead to your users recommending your application to their friends, family members, acquaintances, and even colleagues.

Proven mobile app marketing techniques you can use

Here are some marketing techniques you can use for acquiring new users:

1 Use your website

Your website is a great marketing strategy for your mobile app. developing it before your mobile application is ready is a great move. It will help you in the end. Therefore, this should be one of the primary focuses of your marketing teams. 

With a website, readers will know much about your application before it is ready. Through videos, quality pictures, and well-written content, they will be knowledgeable in learning if your application is what they want.

The website created should have security measures in place. One way to do that is by installing and using an SSL certificate. Using it ensures that your website is well encrypted and gives your readers a great user experience. 

A visitor who sees HTTPS or a padlock on your website knows it is secure. Therefore, they are also assured that your mobile application will be secured for them to use.

2 Have a landing page for your application

A strong landing page for your app is more important than you realize because, for most consumers, your website forms their first impression of what you are selling and the kind of app you are building or have developed. 

The landing page can also serve as a catalogue for your app, so you must ensure it is aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, and mobile-friendly. Spending money on getting quality pictures and a video that will serve as a demo for your app is crucial.

You should also include a solid call to action on the landing page. Provide direction for your site’s visitors. Prompt those to download the mobile application. Also, drop an email for the newsletter on the latest features on your mobile application. 

Therefore, it is crucial to create a landing page that entices visitors to explore the features, download the app, and install it. A well-crafted landing page is ideal for promoting your mobile app without much stress.

3 Carry out a detailed market research

The intention of making many people aware of your mobile application through the help of your marketing strategy is critical. Nevertheless, to be fully guided in all marketing stages of your business, having enough data and comprehensive research will help. Analyzing what your competitors are doing right will also help you do better.

The market research will help you know your target user exactly, who they will need to download your app and use their reason, and the problems you can help solve. It also lets you know their pain points, who your competitors are, how you can be valuable to your users, and ways you can improve the application.

You can quickly define your app’s USP and primary function by finding answers while conducting research and analysis. Market research helps you determine how to differentiate your app from the competition and ensure the investment in time and resources will be worthwhile in the end.

4 App store optimization (ASO)

While developing or after developing your application, you should look into App store optimization. We have Google Play store and other app stores available, and you should be able to optimize well if you want your application to reach thousands or millions of visitors.

 A short but extensive app description with the right keywords will make your application come up when inputting related keywords. It comes up if you can rank well with the keywords. You should aim for it because most users look at the first few apps appearing when the typed keyword presents an answer.

Additionally, it would help if you took good screenshots and pictures for optimization. Videos are also necessary, so invest in them. Using Code Signing Certificate like OV code signing certificate or EV code signing certificate on your mobile app also makes the app stores know that your app is secure and ready for use by your users without any issues.

5 Strive for social media visibility

Many, if not all, of your users are on social media. Therefore, also being on social media platforms will be a great market strategy. Digital and social media marketing is the rave these days. Consumers of products and application users can easily be influenced and try out an application they have read about or seen online. 

With your social media, you get to know your followers and their interest, making them decide to go for your application. Additionally, you gain insight into their demographics, location, and when they are active online, which provides valuable insight into marketing.

You can also interact fully with them, encourage them to leave reviews, and know where you can improve on your mobile application. It also helps both you and your users in re-sharing content.

6 Use different paid ads strategy

Select the popular social media channels used by your target audience when you launch your app for sponsored adverts. Depending on your target audience, it might be LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Targeting consumers based on their likes and interests is a beautiful method of employing paid advertisements. Therefore, paid advertisements are the best way to contact your potential mobile app users. Targeting these ads will help you save money and get more downloads.

7 Use SEO strategy

App development, application security, and making it available on app stores is not enough. You should also use the SEO strategy on your website and app stores if you want to get users for your application. The right keywords are necessary even on the content you share on your social media platforms. Users are typing in keywords when searching for an app that will help them, so you should use that. If you had earlier carried out the market research and analysis, it would give you an idea of keyword optimization.

8 Make use of email marketing

Email marketing is an excellent strategy for getting users. You can turn visitors to your website into your mobile app users through email marketing. When you build your email list, you can start sending newsletters. The newsletter should have beneficial information like new features, offers, the progress of the app, and knowledge on how to use the application maximally. Doing this effectively can help you retain users and get new users.

9 Don’t neglect the video content creation strategy

Navigating or optimally using a mobile app with no video tutorial can be difficult for some people. So, create engaging videos, which will focus on what your app is about, its features, and its usage. You can post them on your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube accounts to get more viewers and users.

10 Employ automation

Performing tasks without spending money on efficient business automation software is impossible in the modern world. These instruments enhance the process’ precision and efficiency while also accelerating it.

To prevent mistakes and repetitive tasks, you may continually keep an eye on the tiny things. Automation tools, such as Customer Relationship Management software, can help you automate everyday marketing tasks like mass emailing, quicker team collaboration, and more. Some CRMs connect to Google Workplace, enabling your marketing team to use it as a CRM for Google Workspace.

Final thoughts

The effort into developing a mobile app is quite much, so protecting your app with EV Code Signing Certificate is even more essential that ensures customers about code integrity. Additionally, getting users for the app is vital. So, employ some or all of these strategies to get more users and retain existing ones for your mobile app.

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