MAGCH Tablet Specs & Review

The MAGCH T10 is a cost-effective tablet with a number of capabilities generally found in more expensive gadgets. The 10-inch IPS display of the tablet, which has a resolution of 1280×800, gives it a sleek, contemporary appearance at first glance. Bright and vibrant, the screen is perfect for watching streaming movies, surfing the web, or playing games. Now let’s take a detailed look at the specs of MAGCH:

MAGCH Tablet Specification

Operating system Android 11
Processor 1.8 GHz Quad-Core Processor
Screen size 10.1 – Inch
Bluetooth v5
Camera 8MP Back and 2MP Front Camera
Storage 32 – 128GB 
Battery Life 5000mAh
Color Gray
Resolution 1280 x 800


MAGCH T10 processor

A quad-core CPU that strikes a mix between performance and power efficiency powers the MAGCH T10 tablet. The Unisoc SC7731E, an entry-level chipset, is the CPU utilized in the MAGCH T10. It contains four ARM Cortex-A7 processors with a maximum 1.8GHz clock speed.


Although the 28nm manufacturing technique used to create the Unisoc SC7731E is not the most power-efficient, it still provides a respectable amount of battery life. The processor also has a Mali T820 MP1 GPU, which can run most simple games and apps without lagging.


MAGCH T10 Display

The 10.1-inch IPS display of the MAGCH T10 tablet has a 1280×800 resolution. It is perfect for viewing films, browsing the web, and playing games because the display is colorful and bright. The IPS technology offers exceptional viewing angles, ensuring that colors stay true even when seen from angles other than directly in the center of the screen.


Although it may not be the greatest resolution available, the 1280×800 resolution is more than sufficient for a tablet of this size and budget. It is simple to read and view content on the display because it has sharp lettering and clear photos. The touchscreen is precise and responsive, making navigating simple and straightforward.


MAGCH T10 Operating System


The Android 10 operating system, which is a little bit older than the OS used by the MAGCH T10, nonetheless offers a fluid and understandable user interface. Users may easily browse the Android 10 UI and choose from various customization choices to make the tablet their own.


With several pre-installed applications like YouTube, Google Maps, and Gmail, the MAGCH T10 also has access to the Google Play Store, which offers access to a vast selection of additional applications and games. Improved notification management, enhanced security and privacy settings, and a system-wide dark mode that might lessen eye strain are all included in the Android 10 OS.


MAGCH T10 Battery Life

The 5000mAh battery within the MAGCH T10 can sustain moderate use for the entire day. Depending on usage, the tablet’s battery life can last up to 6-7 hours of nonstop movie viewing, which is remarkable for a tablet in this price category.


MAGCH T10 Storage

32GB of internal storage is more than enough for the majority of users of the MAGCH T10. A variety of apps, games, and media, including pictures and movies, can be stored in the 32GB of storage. The tablet also has a microSD card slot, which enables users to add up to an additional 128GB of storage if they need it.



A tablet in this price range should have enough memory, and the MAGCH T10 has 3GB of RAM. Although there might be more advanced or potent RAM, it is sufficient for daily tasks like online browsing, social media, and video playback.


The 2GB of RAM guarantees a speedy and fluid performance, facilitating simple multitasking and quick program loading times. The Unisoc SC7731E processor and 2GB of RAM in the MAGCH T10 can run simple games and apps without lagging or slowing down.


The MAGCH T10 is intended as an entry-level device. It is appropriate for primary use, even if 2GB of RAM might not be adequate for demanding tasks like running high-end games or performing more demanding jobs like video editing. Due to its low pricing, the MAGCH T10 is a great option for consumers on a tight budget who want a sturdy and useful tablet.


MAGCH T10 Camera & Speakers

The 8-megapixel back camera and 2-megapixel front camera of the MAGCH T10 are more than sufficient for video conferencing, casual photography, and video recording. While the front-facing camera is best for selfies and video calls, the rear camera takes passable pictures with accurate colors and details.


The tablet’s speakers are on the back of the device and deliver decent loudness and crisp, balanced sound. Although the speakers are sufficient for watching films and playing games, it is advised to utilize headphones or an external speaker for a more immersive audio experience.


Overall, the camera and speakers of the MAGCH T10 are more than enough for daily use. Even while they might not be the best options, most customers find them to be more than enough, especially given the device’s price.


Should you buy MAGCH T10 in 2023?

The MAGCH T10 purchase decision is based on your requirements and preferences. The MAGCH T10 is an all-around solid entry-level tablet with respectable performance and features at a reasonable price.


The MAGCH T10 is a good choice if you’re searching for a tablet that can be used for regular tasks like web browsing, watching videos, or playing simple games. The 5000mAh battery may deliver respectable energy life, while the 10-inch IPS display offers sharp and vibrant pictures.


The MAGCH T10 might not be the ideal option if you’re searching for a tablet for harder jobs like graphic design, video editing, or gaming. The tablet’s Unisoc SC7731E processor and 2GB of Memory aren’t the most powerful. Therefore they might not be able to tackle jobs that require more work.


Overall, the MAGCH T10 is a fantastic choice if you seek a cheap tablet for regular usage. Most users will find its features, like the camera and speakers, to be more than adequate, and the Android 10 operating system offers a slick and simple user interface.



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