Keyword types-Beginner’s guide to keyword research 2021

In Keyword Types, we will discuss

  1.    Keywords
  2.    Classification of Keywords
  3.    Short Tail keywords(Broad Meaning)
  4.    Long Tail keywords(Specific Meaning)
  5.   Conclusion


            A person who types any query in the search bar of the browser (Google Chrome or Bing etc) is called a keyword, The definition of keyword search is discussed in our lecture What is keyword search?- A Free Best Beginner’s Guide before but in this lecture, we will discuss the types of keywords in detail.

Let’s understand the concept of keywords with a simple real-life example

You have a clothing shop. A lot of buyers come to buy clothes, which includes kids, elders, women, and men.

What will their demand from you?

Every person has different demands regarding clothes, some of them will ask you to show the latest trends about men. Among those, some of them will ask you to show them the latest fashion-related to women clothes and some will demand a dress for their party function, wedding, business or workplace.

In this way, a large number of people come to you to buy clothes but in different ways according to their need. The shopkeeper most of the time knows which customer is serious or not.

This concept can be associated or applied in the digital world

Let’s take this example in digital. In digital when people search on the browser they browse according to their need and want. When they put these needs and wants into the words, this is basically called keyword search.What is the purpose of these keyword searches? What kind of these keywords are?

Types of keywords

  • Short tail keywords
  • Long-tail keywords

Short tail keywords:

The queries contain or based on one or two words are called Short tail keywords. For example, if you have to search for a “mobile phone” then you will write a mobile phone in the search bar. Now mobile & phone have two words in it. We call it the short tail but the problem is that most short-tail keywords  have no clarity just as, the user who wants to buy, sell  the mobile phone he will type the following quires instead of “mobile phone”:

  • Buy the mobile,
  • Sells the mobile phone
  • Need to know the latest price of it.

The Quires which have mentioned above are called longtail keywords which is discussed below:

Long-tail keywords:

The search queries which are based on two or more than two words are called long-tail keywords. For example, If we write “mobile phone prices in Lahore”, so it’s a long-phrase and we know the proper sense behind it.

The main difference between long tail and short tail keywords is that short tail has a higher search rate but less meaning but longtail keywords have more meaning. So we can not identify the short tail keyword researcher either has a specific finding, intent, and a need or not. However, In the long-tail, you can identify the needs of the user or their want.

Similarly, you can classify the keyword types in another way, These two are basically the form of short tail and long tail keywords.

  • Broad keywords (short tail are broad keyword)
  • Specific keywords (long tail are specific keyword)

Broad keywords:


Broad keywords are those keywords that have broad meanings. These broad meanings do not provide us clarity or specific meaning of the user query.

Specific keywords:

Long-tail keywords are called specific keywords. These can be:

  • Fully specific
  • Medium specific

But better than broad keywords. For example, if you have to repair a mobile phone then you will search for “mobile phone repair shops in Lahore”. This query clears the meaning of the user intent that he wants to repair his cell phone.

The user can make this query more specific or limited For example, if the user browses “mobile phone repair shop in Gulberg Lahore.” Now the browser clearly understands that the user is looking for a mobile repair shop in the Gulberg area of Lahore city.

Keywords can classify in another way:

  • Simple queries
  • Money keywords

Simple queries are those queries in which people only want to visit your website. For example, if people are writing “mobile phones in 2018 or mobile phone trends”. These are those findings in which we are not clear about the purpose or intent of a user query. There are some queries in which we are properly aware of or recognize what actual users are searching for like he has the purpose of buying a new mobile phone.

For example, you have to buy a phone from SAMSUNG or any other brand. The first thing you check is its price. If you write “Samsung note 9 prices in Lahore”. The query means a person needs a mobile phone of a Samsung company with model note 9 and looking for its price in the city Lahore. So this query is better than the previous query.

If you are looking for a brand then you will write:

  • it’s brand
  • type the name of the model
  • Prices of it

In this finding, the person is more specific. Then we recognize a user is finding for the aim or goal is to buy the phone. The word price totally changes its meaning. Similarly, the keywords help us in this way. What type of keywords we have to select after shortlisting or do not focus on which keywords. This clears us how to use keywords.

Why are these all-important?

If we focus or work on the wrong keywords, we can’t get good results. But if we work on the right keywords, we can get good results.

What is right here?

Right means the keyword ideas from which we can get sales. If you’re running a business you must know which customers bring sales for you.

As we discussed the words buy and prices indicate that a person is ready to buy. That’s why he is searching for purchasing websites or looking for its prices. These keywords are called money keywords.

Money keywords are those search queries that give money. It means when people find and reach your website, shopping on your website, and leave your site after generating sales from your website.

How it becomes possible? The process is when he searches price the word “buy” clears such people has intent or need and want to buy a phone as well as approaches to your website and then exit from the website. Our main goal is to identify money keywords and How to find keywords? These money keywords help to optimize against those keywords people are finding. Neither the keywords people are not looking for or not exactly clear people’s interest. Learn more about the categories of keywords in detail for better understanding.


All types of keywords depending on the intent of the user. Correct use of keywords strategy increases your conversion(search to sale). Shorttail keywords will never clarify the intent of the user that’s why always try to use longtail keywords.

Yes, there is a drawback of longtail keywords that it makes the search specific but it can increase your conversion rate.

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